Upcycled Wall Art Tutorial - getting shredded without any crunches

I shred everything for packing material

(I have been known to mistakenly shred unpaid telephone bills and insurance cards - oops)

I keep them in plastic bags hanging in my studio and visitors often think it is some kind of modern wall art.

(of course I nod in agreement at my genius)

On Tabitha's Salon Takeover last week (the episode with the crazy salon owner with the gazillion rules) - when the salon was renovated at the end of the episode they had shredded the gazillion rules and framed them in huge hobby frames. They were uber cool looking.

So, I decided to grab some of my shreddings and frame them. I think a cluster of framed pieces like this - you could use misc color shredded (as shown), solid white or all the same color - could make an amazing wall display.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone - stay warm - more snow expected for us!
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Jingle said...

Seriously, that looks so cool! What a great idea!

Sherry said...

This is pretty cool. I recycle my map scraps, but I could see them in a fram like this for sure.


Pretty Things said...

Tooo clever for words. Now I want to shred wrapping paper.

Lilah said...

I love this idea!
Modern Art Display