Back away from the mealworms ..... there's no love like hedgehog love

I am predicting ...
(without any psychic assistance although I may have made one spin with my magic eight ball)

the hedgehog (please don't call her a porcupine) is about to replace the fox as the trending critter you will be seeing everywhere.

The fox will not be disappearing anytime soon as evidenced by the fact that although the fox replaced the owl -

(the owl didn't stand a chance against this crafty devil)

there are still as many owls on Etsy as knitted caps lying on livingroom carpets.

My prophecy is based on the fact that although the fox, well-known for his cunning, has many strategies for killing the hedgehog - the hedgehog has only one strategy for defending herself.

Whenever the fox attacks, the hedgehog rolls into a tight little ball of spikes.

It works every time.

So, you read it here first folks - just as that sly fox outmaneuvered the wise old owl, the hedgehog is about to prove a good defense can beat a good offense anyday.

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Have a wonderful weekend everyone - next week will kick off my new Marketing Series on Monday so stop by and pull up a chair! GG6HXSDWQTD9


limonada said...

ahahahah you're funny :)
I hope so, I love hedgehogs. Wait.. maybe that's a bad thing. If I star seeing them everywhere I might be tired of them...

But hedgehogs are so cuuuute!

Amanda said...

Hedgehogs are adorable! The fox doesn't stand a chance ;)

Nic Hohn said...

these pieces are delightful. so lovely to hear a hedgehog story, I'm an Aussie + I'm used to hearing about echinda's!