Upcycled Computer Key INITIAL NECKLACE Tutorial - great gift for your guy for Valentine's Day!

This is another easy-peasy tutorial

(my favorite kind)

that gives you something to do with that old keyboard you have in the bottom of your closet.

A computer geek will love to get and wear this one.

You will need:

a computer key (just pop it off with a flat head screwdriver)
a washer (not the kind with the tiny center hole)
a slip ring or jump ring
hand drill
1. drill a hole in your washer (this is actually super easy- be firm and fearless) 2. add slip ring
3. super glue your computer key to the washer (check in with your hole placement so your letter is upright and readable)
4. add chain


Sherry said...

This is really cute, Cat.

The Beading Gem said...

LOVE this tutorial! I think any round disc will work as well besides washers. I will link in a future blog post so others can come visit. Pearl