Happy End of the World ... or maybe these 21 other things could just end instead

Dear God - maybe instead of the end of the world we could just get an end to:

1. war
2. foods that are bad for us tasting so good
3. clothes that shrink in the dryer
4. Crest white strips - they just don't work, let's get rid of them
5. unkindness
6. people who throw trash out their car windows

(well, maybe let's not get rid of the people, but maybe just lock up their windows when they go to toss their cigarette)

7. girls behaving as though they are less than boys
8. Olive's attempts to impregnate the beach towels or at least just let it work once
9. the pressure on small businesses to use social media
10. daughters who yell "MOM" in such a way as to take 10 years off your life just to let you know the dog is doing something cute
11. grocery carts with that one bad wheel and IKEA carts (why do they want to go sideways??)
12. pollution ... please
13. the sun's ability to cause skin cancer - I really miss the sun and I hate the consistency of zinc oxide and having my legs the color of poplar trees
14. mental illness (for example - thinking of some safety item as a gift then having to get it because, if you don't...)
15. poverty
16. hubby's referring to any agency of the government as the 'fed' - making me feel like we are on the lam from some kind of eco-terrorism
17. my search for that hair color and cut I had that one time - dammit when it looked just like Jennifer Anniston's hair for about 5 minutes ... sigh
18. drug commercials and political commercials - actually let's just get rid of commercials
19. TV shows or ads with doorbells, ringing phones or alarm clocks and radio ads with horns, sirens, or people yelling "watch out!"
20. people who need people

wait - scratch that - we need people who need people- for some reason Barbra Streisand's voice just popped into my head

20. business/personal coaches on the internet (I think we might have enough for everyone to have their own now)
21. blog posts with lists (this one doesn't count though)

xo all

oh and the saying "you've no need to worry if you're not doing anything wrong" - who are these people who never do anything wrong? am I the only one doing anything wrong ...


lynn bowes said...

Oh so many things I want to add to this list . . .

Orion Designs said...

What a great list and like silver.work, there are things I'd like to add. Allergies being one of them.

stregata said...

Great list...

graygirlstudios said...

I've tried for years to learn all the exact words to that song. This now gives me more incentive. And let's hope we can all get to that list!