Happy Friday Everyone!

Still feeling a bit under the weather and have a fever now for some reason, but I wanted to pop in and announce the winner for the Jessica Alpern giveaway from last week and update my meditation series.

The winner is (chosen by random.org):
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Max: 310

Karina! Congrats Karina and thanks to everyone who took the time to enter!

I realized when rereading my meditation 'leaflet' last night that the only change in week 3 is the addition of 3 deep cleansing breaths after meditation - so for week 3 we will continue our week 2 practice of stilling our thoughts and add 3 deep cleansing breaths when our 15-30 minute practice is completed (I like to step outdoors for this ... and really inhale that pollen!).

Next week we add some intentions for our practice (the fun part) and you may be relaxing with the meditation so much by now that you want to add a second meditation at night - I know finding the time is a challenge - so just do what you are feeling drawn to and I will be back next week with the week 4 visualization exercises that you may or may not want to use to set some intentions for your meditation.

Wishing everyone a weekend of madness ....


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Karina Pacheco said...

Ahhhhhhh!!! That is a great way to start a weekend!! Thank you so both for hosting this beautiful giveaway and Jessica for her incredible art!!

Thank you - Gracias!!

Have a great weekend!!