Be a Sprinter, Not a Marathon Runner - defining clear stopping points

When I first heard this quote by Tony Schwartz, CEO and President of The Energy Project I felt a little WT-?

(use your own discretion for the last letter, I'm from Jersey you know what we use)

Be the hare and not the tortoise? Didn't the tortoise always win those races when the hare got distracted and headed off to Mary Mary's garden to munch out on carrots ..

(or am I mixing up my nursey rhymes here?)

Whatever the story was - the lesson, I am pretty sure, was to plod along slow and steady - this is how winners were created, races won and hares taught lessons about responsibility.

And I am a big believer in process (as in you have to love it!) and the fact that the end-zone keeps getting moved on me (as in I'm tired and need a nap and my mommy).

So, I thought about this again ... be a sprinter, not a marathon runner.

The key to productivity, Schwartz says, is to "recognize the power of renewal, and have a finish line." He claims that "we've lost our finish lines."


(clouds part, blue skies blind us - cue the chirping birds)

YES, we need finish lines! Someone keeps moving my finish line (could it be me) and I need it. The never ending pace of this online maker lifestyle is not sustainable -

and if we are concerned about the sustainability of our makings we need to be concerned about the sustainability of ourselves.

It's almost summer folks - the internet slows down (trust me on this, I've been on here a long time) - your sales, unless you have some makings focused on the season, will slow down - it's a great time to think about renewal - think about creating some finish lines for ourselves

(I'm getting myself some of those paper banners I can rip through, arms in the air, screaming I DID IT!)

before things pick back up in the fall.

Time to set some clearly defined daily stopping points so we are not ending our work days with a sense of incompletion or not ending them at all.

I have summer shows including Beckman's Handmade in Los Angeles and Chicago for the first time

(cue the nail biting)

but I am going to start taking a little time between projects for renewal and not just jump into the next thing, set some clearly defined stopping points every day - create those little "end-zones" because the truth is ...

I was the kid who always won the 100 yard dash (and standing broad jump actually) - the same kid who could never quite finish the mile without walking the last lap - I've always been a sprinter.

*awesome I Dare You To Run Like a Girl print by Penny Jane Designs


Viktoria said...

yes, finish lines and afterwards slap on the back for ourselves!...
Enjoyed your post! (as always!)

Artsnark said...

too true - thanks for the reminder. Enjoy your summer (& stop biting those nails - you rock!)

Catherine Ivins said...

ok- ending my day at my stopping point- slapping myself on the back-ouch- thanks for the reminder Viktoria- nails, what nails - what the hell happened to my nails?! ack!


Wendy said...

Just found you blog (via Faberuna!) and am decidedly glad I did! Great stuff, lady...


LaurieH said...

So... we really should consider the garden and riding bikes.... maybe doing a little bit of summer this summer..... learn more about Google Analytics... other social networking, reading blogs of other folks who make handmade jewelry, and have etsy shops... Thanks~!~! I think I will... what a beautiful day. (I'm off to NY INt'l Gift Fair for 1st time... cue nail biting).

Catherine Ivins said...

thank you Wendy! Laurie- good luck at New York Gift - your work is gorgeous - I think you will take the show by storm!!