Upcycled Tutorial - Plastic Tube Necklace with Switchable Inserts and VALENTINE'S DAY LOVE NOTE!

This week an awesome changeable design necklace you can make for an amazing gift!

The paper inside the plastic tubing easily switches out for different looks and you can package this with a few slips of colorful scrapbook paper.

For the supplies to make one of these yourself - just add your own colorful papers and a little elbow grease - contact me by 2/7/15 using the LET'S CHAT button, lower right column. There is just a $2.00 shipping fee to get one set right out to you.

You will need: clear plastic malleable tubing from the hardware store, end plugs (you can use plastic, but I have used cork, of course), eyehooks, cording, (2) sliprings, design paper

1. cut tubing to the size you would like (I've cut mine to 2.5")
2. screw eyehooks into your end caps
3. add slipring and tie on your cording
4. cut paper to size (I've cut mine to 1.5")
5. roll paper and push into the center, add your ends
6. cut and tie off your cording (I have added hardware to mine)

This makes a great kid's project, too - if you can get the kids making your gifts for you, you will be way ahead of the game!

(and by way ahead of the game, I mean passed out on the couch, feet up, pinot empty on the coffee table)

Don't forget to add a little LOVE NOTE for Valentine's Day to the back of the paper!


doforanimals said...

I love that this piece is so attractive yet so simple (and with recycled material, of course). I'm inspired to make one, or ten :)

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

love your tutorials! thanks so much

Dionne said...

this is very neat! I wish to post your tutorial one day on our page. Thanks

C. Franz said...

Saw your creative necklace in The Beading Gem's Journal today and couldn't resist learning more. So I clicked over here.

I've been trying to do something with the roll of tubing I bought at the hardware store. Just couldn't find some ends, the corks.

Can you tell me where you get yours?