Holiday Upcycled Gift Countdown Week # 7 - STEAMPUNK - Faucet Necklaces

This week's handmade gift ideas are total awesomeness for those lovers of clunky and recycled jewelry on your gift list!

These beauties are made with 2" faucet knobs (one old and one not so old that I sanded to distress) and lots of cool doodads I picked up in the discontinued bins.

you will need: faucet knobs (valves? handles? whatever these things are actually called), heavy chain and jump rings (I just used some of the heavy chain for the jump rings), doodads, pliers, glue

These will vary depending on your aesthetic and supplies, but the basic idea is to glue a doodad into the center - for both of these I had to do a little damage breaking off the attachments on the ends of the center doodads (one is girly bling and the other is tomboy blang just like the girls I am giving these babies to), add some heavy chain that has big rings (you need to be able to open the rings over the faucet knob ends to attach - maybe bring the faucet knob to the store with you) and some extra doodad dangles.

(and yes, the words "doodad dangles" just needed to be said by someone somewhere sometime ... seriously)

The results are some serious faucet awesomeness I am calling "the farrah".

(DISCLAIMER 11/9/11 - in a little twist of synchronicity I walked into a Barnes and Noble to waste a few minutes waiting for a take-out order at the Chili's next-door and discovered that GreenCraft magazine has a very similar tutorial this month to this one - so even though I searched google images and Etsy for anything too similar prior to posting this and truly did not see this magazine first - I just wanted to add this disclaimer because if the tutorial is in a magazine it is almost for certain some artist is making this for sale somewhere so I just wanted to be extra sure to mention that this tutorial - as almost all tutorials you will ever come across - is for personal use only and not intended to make items for sale)

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea. I love these. Your mind is very original and inventive.