10 Thoughts to Kick Off 2012 ... slowly, I am kicking things off slowly this year (picture that field goal kicker in a slo-mo replay because that's about the energy level I am working with at the moment)

1. Banish results oriented thinking to the back of the closet

When we start seeing very clearly that our thoughts can create our reality we might find ourselves getting a little too attached to the results -

(which may be the surest way to muck things up)

When I was back in the craziness this holiday season there was this little voice that kept whispering screaming at me - "are we really doing this ... again? didn't we set up the processes and practices and the right thinking to create a better way this time? how the hell did this happen?"

And although logically I knew

(or the teeny, tiny little part of my brain that still thinks logically knew - I may have destroyed most of my logical thinking with the copious amounts of diet pepsi and york peppermint patties I was consuming)

that I always make about 50% of my annual income in a very short period of time and there is just no way for this to happen in my little one-woman business without things getting insane, I really felt I had failed when things got totally crazy and exhausting ... again.

Of course, there was no failure, there was simply a lesson for me in losing my attachment to the results ...

creating our own reality does not have to be followed by - "and so this is all our fault".

Sometimes sh*t just happens.

Like the fact that although I was somewhat prepared for last minute wholesale orders which mostly didn't happen, I was totally unprepared for a site I sell on called Daily Grommet to explode from 1-2 sales a day to up to 40.

(and before you assume I am planning a trip to Hawaii to spend my millions I should admit this is a wholesale, drop-ship situation with my commissioned artwork mini-lockets - the most work and least profitable of all my makings and that I had to enter every customer's address into paypal to print my shipping labels - this fact alone was adding an hour to my workday, not to mention the 3-4 hours a night fabricating the little suckers)

It was nice to get a check from them yesterday though :)

(and as unexpected as this rash on my neck right now which I have self-diagnosed as a third chakra communication problem or possibly a laundry detergent irritation, of course I am practically a doctor ... well, I didn't actually go to medical school, but I do wash my hands ... alot)

* a better man calendar by splendid and sound

Back Wednesday with 2012 Thought #2 ... notice I am not using the word resolution since I have resolved to remain unresolved for now


Charlene said...

"third chakra communication problem" ~ LOVE it. not the problem, the analogy. hope you are better.

Viktoria said...

Because I feel floppy every year on christmas holidays this idea makes sense to me :
In my case I think of an increased histamine level because of Salmon, red wine, bacon, prosciutto ...and lots of sweets and chocolate!!!
actually I don´t have any intolerance for histamine,
but this holiday feasts are probably too much.

.....of course it also can be called an "third chakra communication problem" or "Qi heat in the stomach",as we do in Qigong.

hope you feel better, and wish you a great 2012!
..(and well balanced sales!)

Catherine Ivins said...

yes, qi heat in the stomach Viktoria- xo Charlene

KJ said...

Glad you made it through the Holidays.

Catherine Ivins said...

thanks KJ- what is it about the holidays?!!

lynn bowes said...

"What is it about the holidays?" For me, it's not wanting to disappoint so I take on last minute projects for friends. I can't say 'no' and that is my undoing every time. I get through it but not in a way that makes me happy.

Not that you asked, of course, but this is a good place to sit and ponder - so I do. =-)

:: lynn

Catherine Ivins said...

Who said, "no, is a complete sentence." - ugh- so hard to learn Lynn- yes, this surviving the holidays thing- there has to be a better way ... xo