the giant sequoias need our help ...

The giant sequoia trees are among the largest and oldest living things on the planet and

the Giant Sequoia National Monument is home to half of all the giant sequoia trees living in the world today.

The Department of Agriculture is considering several plans that would allow logging within Giant Sequoia National Monument (while they are not considering logging the sequoias logging the trees near them will make the Sequoias much more vulnerable). Logging makes a forest drier, more flammable and less able to adapt to changing climate.

The Sierra Club, which was founded 120 years ago to protect this area is asking for a protocal to justify why they’d cut a tree. It is too important to be an arbitrary decision. This should be a no-brainer.

The petition to Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack is HERE if anyone else is interested.

* redwood trees print by immortal pomegranate

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