Recycled Key and Keyhole Jewelry Tutorial

Now this is an easy-peasy

(just the way I like 'em)

way to repurpose old keyholes into jewelry. 

Sometimes you have to add some paint

(if you do use a light sealer - varnish or wax)

and sandpaper to give your keyhole the kind of character that starts screaming at you

"do something with me!"

You will need : old keyholes from cabinets, cases, etc, old key, chain, doodads

I don't think we need a step by step for this one.

Once you get the keyholes the way you would like them just add some large jumprings to the screw holes and head into your stash of doodads, beads and junk and have some fun with them.

Don't be afraid to mix your cool and warm hardware here - upcycling works best when it's eclectic and messy (in a good way) and all about us!


TesoriTrovati said...

Keys and keyholes are the way to my heart. I love this! I have quite a collection of keys and a skeleton key is my logo. Very lovely wrap bracelet! Enjoy the day!

doforanimals said...

Nice. I love those items (natural and man-made) that already come with the holes in them since I'm not too swift with a power tool.

Catherine Ivins said...

thanks girls- yes, I agree anything with holes is a good thing!

Mixed Kreations said...

Nice. Never thought of using old keyholes. Love it. Really like the way you used the keyhole in the wrapped bracelet.

Pearl Blay said...

Me, too. Old keys yes but I never thought the keyhole portion could also be used. Will share and link back!

Michelle L. said...

Those are beautiful! I esp. love the wrap bracelet - a nice change from the steampunk trend, but still really cool and vintage.

SCC said...

very cool!