... not extinct ... but definitely evolving

You might think that since I haven't been blogging I have been getting all kinds of things done -

(crafty projects I never had the time for, dishes washed and neatly stacked in those open style cabinets that are so trendy now - cabinets that I made myself from rehabbed wood, floors sparkling, closets organized - of course none of this actually happened although I did cut out pictures of things like this one afternoon which is kind of the same thing in my world)

and I did have a goal of having certain things completed before the full moon yesterday, but forces beyond my control

(control is a slippery little devil - once you set your intention to release it in one area of your life it somehow finds a way of releasing itself from others)

seemed determined to slow me down and change my direction and of course, things are never really done after all, but maybe there are times when things are more complete than other times

(note- this is not one of those times)

Some health stuff hit me very suddenly or maybe got to the point where I was forced to take notice and because this is stuff I dealt with almost 10 years ago, I have been trying to find a better way to deal with it now than I did back then.

(back then it was loss of fertility hopes, followed by loss of my mother, followed by months of pain followed by surgery with two different doctors, followed by never really looking at how this all connected together)

I have needed a few hours a week to devote to accupuncture (first time evah, more on this another time) and journaling and getting ready for New York International Gift Fair and the only place I had to pull those hours was my blogging, so my blogging has been napping in the backseat.

(mouth open at times and snoring, but just loudly enough to stir me awake once in a while and not so noisily to jar me into action)

It is getting a little antsy back there, so I'll have to make room for it in the front seat again soon.

In the meantime, I hope everyone is taking some time to enjoy this summer, which is not over until September 21st, no matter when your kids go back to school.

(you still have plenty of time, so please, please get out there and savor it)

And I do not think it is a coincidence that we get a 2nd chance at a full moon at the end of the month - the expression "once in a blue moon" is speaking to the rarity of the occurrence of a second moon happening in the same month, so things in August will definitely be interesting for all of us ....


lynn bowes said...

I've missed your brilliant insight and clever repartee lately but happy to know that you're taking care of 'unfinished business'.

We both seem to be in that evolving process right now and I find myself abandoning (for a little while) the metalwork I do and getting back to colored pencil work. Well, drawing. Your themes always seem to mesh with my highs and lows so I do appreciate whatever your subject matter is as it sticks.

Here's to cooler days :: lynn

Jennifer Johansson said...

Glad to have you back Cat!

Catherine Ivins said...

thanks girls - ooh nice new pic Jen! we are brothers from different mothers Lynn!

Unni Strand said...

I'm always happy to read your posts!
And, hm, August has been surprisingly interesting so far. Good that you gave me an explanation for that.

Take care!

KJ said...

I had been wondering when you would be back, not if. Glad to hear you are taking care of yourself. We will all be here when you are able to engage again.