Manifesting for Makers - Part II - your message matters

fabric on wood, original artwork by shellie artist
I am going to go off-topic for a minute here for all my ascension 2012 focused peeps who are emailing me about Hurricane Sandy and the end of the world

(or the end of the world as we know it).

To alot of us here this is bringing up memories of September 11th and probably even more distant memories of loss (soul and/or body) are being activated.

The truth of the 2012 energy - which isn't actually about just this one year, but the vibrational intensity of so many people thinking these changes are specifically connecting to this one year can definitely manifest bigger things this year

(in the same way our emergency call 911 energy definitely added to the energy of 9/11)

the truth of this that we have all been sensing - some of us for many years, some of us more recently - is the feeling that something big is happening here or about to happen, that time has speeded up, that the things and people we used to turn to are not there for us anymore, that much has drifted away from us - the truth is that all our karmas are being played out all at once.

Dramas are unfolding so quickly that it sometimes seems like it is the end of everything. We are birthing something new and labor pains are ... well, painful, but no woman even remembers them once she has that baby in her arms (for more than ... oh, a year or two anyway or at least it goes away for awhile and then comes back when they are teenagers).

We are the mother and the baby now.

This isn't something that is happening to us, if we are on this planet right now, we chose to be here for these amazing times and it is a gift.


So, last post we talked about releasing our attachment to an outcome by getting to the vibration of what it is we are really seeking, finding our way into that vibration through a back door and sitting in that.

(doing this during a time of tension really moves our energy into another space - nothing magical has ever been created from the space of fear and tension; expanding from this space only brings us to more fear and tension - that place where we get what we want and then don't want it anymore - which is ok, of course because it's part of this deal called life sometimes and this helps us to define what we do want, but if we are doing this over and over again we probably want to break this pattern)

When we attach ourselves to an outcome it is much, much harder to stay in integrity. The word integrity is related to the roots of words like “integrate”  and “entire”.

Integrity is the state of being complete, undivided, intact and unbroken.

This place of wholeness is an important place to be hanging out if we want to manifest anything real - this is the place where the message of our makings has some really fertile soil. The makings that come from this place are the ones that can change the world - and yes, I totally believe those makings can be sweaters and paintings and earrings and turkey platters.

The world is moved by honesty. The world is shifted by people doing what they love.

It can't not move. 

When we release our attachment to the outcome and trust that what is truly ours will come to us

 - there is no need for jealousy when someone else achieves some kind of success because we know they get what is already theirs - if it was ours we would have it -

we begin to work from a space of wholeness (holiness) - the place in all of us that is connected.

This is why the story and message of our maker business is so important, the reason we do what we do and most especially the part of the reason that is not about ourselves.

Next Up - Manifesting for Makers Part III - Connection or the other part of this involving other people

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