you can't miss the boat and if you do, it wasn't YOUR boat

rock the boat locket by me
We either live in a world of lack or a world of abundance

and we get to live in the world we believe we live in.

Yup, it's as simple as that. 

(and, if we say, of course I believe in abundance, I focus on abundance .. well, let's just take a breath with this and maybe even a little step backwards)

Because if we have some belief that we missed out on something somewhere - that our boat came in - and we were sleeping

(or looking at pretty pictures on Pinterest)

that by the time we woke up and stumbled into our UGGs and brushed our teeth and got our asses down to the dock - our ship has sailed

or if we believe that someone else is ahead of us - that if we don't hurry up and get something someone else is going to get it

or if we believe that we made a mistake in our past that we regret (yes, I mean any regret here, regrets are always about fear and lack)

then maybe this abundance thinking is just something we think we are doing; maybe our real beliefs are rooted in lack.

Lack says there isn't enough for all of us, so I'd better get mine, we only get one chance, one great idea, one soul-mate - we have to be vigilant or we might just blow it or even worse we already have blown it.

This isn't the way the world works, but it could be the way our world works. It doesn't have to be.

The truth of an abundant world is that we get lots of chances, lots of ideas and yes, even lots of soul-mates.

And this isn't an excuse to be all lazy and sit around looking at pretty pictures on Pinterest all day or to say that when one of these things comes along we shouldn't grab it - for God's sake - GRAB IT!

BUT we can't miss our boat and if we do - it wasn't our boat! And guess what - the flipside of this in an abundant universe is also true - if we get on the boat - it is our boat!
We simply can't screw this up.

No one can steal our thunder because it's our thunder and if it looks like they have - it's because it's their thunder - and there's always another thunder storm anyway.

No one is ahead of us (well, actually that new born baby could be more evolved than we are and she most likely is) and when we think someone is we have lost trust in an abundant universe, lost trust in ourselves. And this is good news, because it creates a space for us to recognize this; a space to shift our thinking.

So, we recognize this thought - we don't judge ourselves for it- we just recognize it "isn't this interesting", we let go of this thought of lack and then we reattach to the vibration of abundance - we can do this in an instant, we don't need 20 years of therapy to do this ruminating on what we have lost, on what has been taken. Nothing's been taken.

Now there are absolutely times when things fall into place for us or we have an idea and I absolutely believe we need to act on these things when they come up. But there is not one thing out there for us - there are lots of things - every choice just brings a different path and brings a different adventure.

There might have been a time in this planet's history when we could have missed our boat, I'm not sure - but if there was those days are gone- because we're steering it now - our boat can't leave the dock without us.

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