How to Get Your Work into Holiday Gift Guides - TeamEcoetsy Blog Post

If you grew up in a family (like I did) where you were told not to "toot your own horn".

 (this was one of my grandmother's favorites and I still don't understand it, are we supposed to grab someone else's horn and toot that - that just sounds rude ... and well, unsanitary actually)

She also loved to say that "cream rises to the top" and "people will notice your good work, you don't have to tell them about it, Cathy".

And this is totally true and this is also totally not true (aint' life tricky). When it comes to publicity for our maker business it is best to err on the side of 'not true' and let people know we are out here.

If you want to open up a magazine in November and see that amazing something you have created staring out at the world from the pages of a GIFT GUIDE now is the time you have to take the action to make that happen.

First know your intention

First look at how holiday gift guides fit into the overall intention you have with your business. If you don't want to be bombarded with orders over the holidays - and it is totally OK to say this - it is your business; you get to set the rules.

If you are not set up with the time, supplies, inventory etc for an increased holiday rush, then this is not something you have to do. Cross this post off your list - whew, one less thing to think about.
a little paste and cut for inspiration
cut and paste inspiration

Otherwise we will be like that kid who half-raises her hand in school hoping the teacher won't call on her. That's not the kind of energy we want to send out. The half-hand-raise will not work.

This doesn't mean we have to be totally ready - we will never be totally ready for anything. It's a good idea to look at how increased holiday sales would work for you though.

You want your positive energy behind any action you take!

1. Create a media list

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(post includes my HOT SALES TIP OF THE MONTH)


DancingMooney ♥ said...

Thanks for this, I am trying to think ahead for the holidays this year, and have never submitted to a magazine but know that I should try, try again! And, I like your seller tip too! ;)

Catherine Ivins said...

Me, too - I am finally really understanding the seasonality of our businesses - there's a reason we always see the same people in those gift guides - they actually do this stuff! ha! That seller tip is something I just started experimenting with!

DancingMooney ♥ said...

I have my footprint soap favors listed as beach wedding, and then baby boy, baby girl, baby shower favors... and they all get traffic separately...

It's a great tip! It really does work! :D

I hear ya about the seasons of our business too, it's a constant work in progress!