blog changes ... and mercury retrogrades, neptune retrogrades ....

Going to dial this blog back a bit for the summer - I have a few tutorials planned, since I recently joined Pinterest (yes, I am that girl - late to the party and worrying I didn't bring anything). I  just finished a class that advises pinning 100 items a day to start, so if you follow me be prepared to be a bit blitzed for a while. I did eliminate (sniffle) my Save the Unicorns board when my sister emailed me sternly "NO MORE UNICORNS" - that girl can be kind of a wet blanket when it comes to unicorns, luckily she doesn't mind mermaids and sasquatches.

When I first saw Pinterest a couple years ago (?) I stopped doing tutorials because it felt like everything was already done - the eye candy over there has always overwhelmed me plus it is very tricky to take good pictures while making something - the "only have two hands" thing. But, I miss making recycled stuff so will be popping up a few - only for things I would be making anyway though and of course my tutorials are always upcycled and easy-peasy.

(I am after all the girl more likely to whip up a batch of muffins from a recipe that starts with the words "four ingredients" and ends with "bake 20 minutes" than something from a secret family recipe - it's funny my family has lots of secrets but no secret family recipes, dammit, what's up with that family?! - something that took all day to prepare in a traveling rubbermaid. Hell, I don't even own a traveling rubbermaid - sniffle again)

We have active Mercury coming to a halt and turning retrograde on the 7th and Neptune following two days later. Mercury's reverse cycle lasts three weeks, cycles through Cancer and Gemini this time and ends on July 1. Neptune's runs through November in Pisces (and of course Neptune will be in Pisces until 2025 - so if this dreamy duo has us ungrounded - think mass awakening and mass delusion here - it isn't going away and we need some practices to ground ourselves).

I am moving my astrology posts to the Armchair Astrologer (although that name may be changing - I recently discovered a site called the Comfy Chair Astrologer that I like very much. I don't want her to think I am trying to take over the astrological living room and I don't want to confuse people) - the link will stay the same though and I will continue to post here when something posts over there at least until the end of the year.

Anyhoo, just a heads up you will likely see some changes over here this summer as I transition this blog back to Olive Bites and add some Pinterest content.
Info on the retrogrades is on the Armchair Astrologer - think "re". All the retrogrades this year are in water signs and the left hemisphere of our brain will feel like it has abandoned us and sailed out to sea for a long vacation - perfect time for one actually, but only if you visit a place you have already been and expect the unexpected!

xo all

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KJ said...

Change is good.

Have fun on your two new escapades.

Summer is a good time to dial back as we all have schedule changes... and there it is again, the word change. :)