four reasons I haven't blogged all week plus a FULL MOON in Sagittarius

First, I am going to post this --->

(you're welcome)

I tried to write a blog post but my brain has turned to mush. I blame:

1. My new Pinterest account 

(did I tell you I took a class that advises 100 pins a day to start, yes ONE HUNDRED PINS A DAY, aren't you glad you aren't following me - wait why aren't you following me?)

I do have one piece of advice after 3 weeks of pinning for anyone taking a picture of their new tattoo - please wait for it to HEAL - the tortured pink skin around your mermaid is freaking me out and wrecking the vibe of my "save the mermaids" board.

2. My near death experience.

The brakes on my car stopped working, yes they STOPPED WORKING (sorry for all the shouting). A warning "ABS brake ... something" light came on a couple blocks from my house. I had about two seconds to read this before the "tire pressure sensor" warning light, which has been warning me for months and about which hubs always says "don't worry about it", came back on.

I thought maybe this brake warning alerts us after a certain number of miles - NOTE - I cannot read my mileage due to the ever present "tire pressure warning light".

The guy in front of me puts on his left turn signal. I brake. My foot goes to the floor and my car keeps moving. With split second reflexes trained through years of grabbing stuff away from Olive just before she has the chance to latch on with her "jaws like a pitbull", I quickly grab the emergency brake next to my right hand which, of course, turns out to be my gear shifter.

(I am still rather proud of my reflexes though.)
I have about two seconds of total panic when I realize I have no idea where my emergency brake is or if I even have an emergency brake - NOTE - I have had this car for six years - when the guy in front of me makes a quick left. I limp home at 5 miles an hour and somehow manage to stop in my driveway in exactly the spot I always do (I am thinking my car works on muscle memory).

3. I wrote this post for Create and Thrive

4. I wrote this post about the Full Moon in Sagittarius

OK- gotta head back to Pinterest and keep working on my carpal tunnel injury. I'll be back. Enjoy George girls.

UPDATE - while my car is in George's shop I am driving his truck - the one with the 5 foot antenna on the roof (this is not an exaggeration). He says, "don't go through any drive-thru's" which annoys me because obviously this antenna is hard to miss. I drive to the post office, sit in my car for two minutes to fill out a deposit slip and drive into the bank drive-thru. :)

FURTHER UPDATE - after pulling into the bank drive-thru I backed out slowly (and yes I can hear the antenna screeching along the drive-thru roof). The antenna looked o.k. to me.

This morning at breakfast (ie we are feeding the dog) I say to George "You need to take that antenna down. I drive through many areas with low hanging trees (!?) (he somehow seems to believe this - maybe he thinks I am off-roading it on my way to Staples). I wonder if that antenna would bounce back if I did go through a drive thru." And he says "it might be o.k. just make sure you keep going - don't try to BACK UP. That will definitely wreck it." :)

xo all


lynn bowes said...

YIKES!!!!! I wish I had control over font size because this would be HUGE! Happy that you were able to limp home and happy that your incredible reflexes at least tried to save the day. Guess your vehicle is in for a little maintenance tonight?

PS - Did you find your emergency brake?
I don't have it.

Catherine Ivins said...

Hi Lynn- Yes, my car is in George's shop and I am driving his truck - the one whose brakes are serviced regularly no doubt. It turns out the emergency brake is on the floor- I always thought they were on the console. Motorcycles don't have emergency brakes?

lynn bowes said...

{downshift - downshift - downshift - get off}

DancingMooney ♥ said...

Something I have always loved about driving a 5 speed, you can use your gears. So glad you made it home safely, and I think you should talk about how you had to back up, to get hubby to hurry up, and fix your car! :D


Catherine Ivins said...

I need a motorcycle Lynn (and the courage said the lion ...) xo

Well he fixed my car yesterday Janell- but now something else is wrong with it - I agree about the stick shift! xo

Hopemore Studio said...

I thought we were past the part of auto manufacturing history where brakes just go out. eek.

I am very glad you are ok, and that you have quick but misaligned reflexes so you can share this story with us. Oh and as for George, yes thank you, thank you very much.

Catherine Ivins said...

I know Angie! I thought brakes were always gradual. It was a broken tone ring - which sounds like a telephone part and not a car part but I guess is something you do not want to break. Luckily I was doing 25 mph and not 65.

When hubs drove it to his shop that night, with me following at a safe distance, his shop is just a few blocks from our house - it did have a little more braking power. It's a hybrid so I'm not sure if that affects the braking, but it definitely has me following people at a very safe distance this morning ... xo

KJ said...

I am glad you got home safely.

You can always turn off the power, but then you end up losing everything else along with it.

I don't follow anyone on pinterest. I do follow over 300 blogs.

Catherine Ivins said...

Thanks Kathy - and you know it has me thinking about what else I need to be putting the brakes on! I will have to check what blogs you follow - I need some new ones (for Pinterest content! ack!) xo

KJ said...

I have a second tab on my blog with all the blogs I follow. IN ADDITION, and I think this is pretty cool, I have a public RSS feed here:
Plus 6 other tabs.
I did try to figure out once why some of the blogs pictures update and others don't- so when you see the "news" logo it means the picture did not translate.
Also, some of the blogs have not been updated for a long time and I keep them more for the historical record.