The Full Moon in Scorpio | May 18th, 2019 - part 1 : the players take the field

Let's take a step back and look at where the planets are right now as we approach this weekend's Full Moon in Scorpio.

The Sun is in Taurus (for just a couple more days). The seeds we planted in Aries are taking root. We are fueled by practical concerns. Security. Simplicity. Silence. Moving through our days on sturdy legs. Our hands in the dirt (since Taurus is our fixed Earth sign - we can also get stuck in the mud). Digging in. Becoming entrenched. Reverence. The Sun has just trined the Cappy planets and sextiled Neptune - we are restructuring our foundations. Sacrificing something to get something more real.

Mercury is in Taurus. Language is something we own. We own our decisions. We own our words. We are valued by what we know. We are talking about/thinking about what we have. Our existing resources are on our mind. It's a time of purchases. Commerce. Contracts. Our words are our fortune. We make practical choices. Mercury is trining (brakes off) our Capricorn pile-up and sextiling (opportunity) our North Node in Cancer, so we are talking/thinking/writing about the past - our commitments/our boundaries. There are opportunities to verbalize and make decision about our future, maybe especially as we look within at what we really NEED. We are re-structuring the way we communicate. Conversations where we are open/vulnerable (owning up to the past/to what we do and don't have) move our story forward in more authentic and stabilizing ways. Mercury will be conjuncting the Sun and opposing the Moon during the Full Moon.

Venus is in Taurus - a sign she RULES. We are making the most of what we have. We are attracting and attractive to stuff that is stable/practical. Quality over quantity. Simplicity. Wanting a more solid bottom-line. Wanting to be touched. Wanting to feel good. Wanting food that is tasty and nourishing. We are wanting what makes the most sense/cents. We are still asking - what's in it for me? Venus (ruler of Taurus and the sign opposing Scorpio and housing the Sun) will meet Uranus at the time of the Full Moon - expect surprises with love, money, our values and self-esteem.

Mars is in Cancer - the sign of his fall. We are acting on our emotions/our moods. Trapped by our passions. Defensive. Childish. Taking things personally. Protective. Nurturing. Brave mama-bears. We can't be all Martian-like changing into battle (unless our home/family/survival is threatened then watch out) and that's OK, because this is a transit. Mars is answering to the Moon. This is a time of inner action. Acting on impulse, acting on what we NEED. Healing. Our body innately knows what to do now.

Mars in Cancer is setting up some of our biggest challenges over the next couple weeks. He is going to square the Aries energies (Chiron) and the Libra energies (Pallas) and maybe most importantly oppose (in June) the Capricorn energies - where we have Saturn, the South Node and Pluto.

Jupiter and Saturn are both retrograde in their home signs. They are strong, but moving backward. We are re-working, re-looking, re-vising.

Through Jupiter we are re-seeking our lost faith/our lost treasure. Maybe an old opportunity re-turns. An optimism/sense of adventure is re-discovered. Our faith re-stored. Our wisdom re-valued.

Through Saturn (sitting with the South Node and on a collision course with Pluto in early 2020) we are re-viewing our commitments, our limits, the rules. Our past. What we have built is being strengthened/tested/reaching a culmination/an ending. Did we build our house of straw or brick? How about our father's house and his father's house?

Uranus is in Taurus bringing change to our most fixed/entrenched spaces. Disruptions. Chaos. Loss of stability/structure. Excitement. New ways to own things. New ways to make money. New values. New ways to create greater self-esteem. Unusual friendships. Owning the chaos. Owning the disruption. We will take those Taurean things we talked about earlier in this post and revolutionize them over the next few years!

Neptune is home in Pisces - since 2011 making it very hard to know what is real. Escape. Drugs. Fantasy. Alternative facts. Boundaries are thin/washed away. Seeing through the veils. Only seeing what we want to see. Creativity. Imagination. Wet weather. Compassion. Compassion fatigue. Seeing what has been forgotten/put away/been previously invisible/done behind our back. Healing. Spirituality. Endings.

The North Node (of the Moon) is in Cancer. The South Node is in Capricorn. The South Node is where we are /what we are releasing - patriarchy, hierarchies, living to work, working to live, our outer life, stability, structure, status, the stuff on our resume, our fathers and their stories. The North Node - our future path - home, family, our inner life, nurturing, stability, structure, the stuff on our tombstones, our mothers and their stories.

Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn - postponing the transformation/death until autumn. Giving us time to clean up the mess, re-search, look under the hood/under the covers/under the radar, merge, purge, re-think our compulsions, manipulations, jealousies, de-construct before the destruction, get our sh*t together, allow sh*t to fall apart.

Of course we are looking at the parts of the whole here which is never totally satisfying or useful. It's how the players interact with each other and the ways they interact with our natal chart that makes this whole amazing universe come alive through us.

We will look at the Full Moon chart tomorrow, but in the meantime maybe think about the ways your life has changed over the last year. There have almost surely been BIG changes.

If we think back to mid-May 2018 when Uranus first went into Taurus we had Mars stationing retrograde in Aquarius (last year's South Node energy - what we were releasing) and then backing into Capricorn (this year's South Node energy - what we are releasing). Then we had the eclipses followed by Venus stationing retrograde in Scorpio followed by more eclipses. This year we have Venus in Taurus in mid-May (a sign she rules) hitting the same degrees Uranus did and then meeting up with Uranus - we'll talk about this in part II - and we have Mars moving through Cancer with the North Node - the direction we are going, not the old South Node stuff like last year - so we are moving toward something new, naturally/innately even though the old stuff isn't quite cleared up (all those retrogrades creating delays that are actually buying us more time). Mars and Venus will be full steam ahead all year with no retrogrades like they had last year.

So, that thing last year that ended or never got started or didn't work out is not an indicator of what we can expect this year. But we already know this. We are still working through the consequences of last year's stuff, but we also have new situations in play, too. Plus we have lucky and benevolent Jupiter in his home sign this year and last year we had him digging through the dirt in Scorpio.

In some ways this weekend's Full Moon in Scorpio is putting some of last year's challenges to bed. It will also bring its own SHOCK AND AWE.

We'll unpack the disruptive Full Moon chart tomorrow night in Part II.

xo all

photo by the talented oprisco

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