Wednesday, September 15, 2010

No Whining on Wednesdays or some things you "surely" do not want to miss

Um - let's just say if your mother was named after ---->

and you were named after your mother,

you might just want to use your middle name, too ...

Congrats to Cathy, Kate and Katie - all three figured out my little riddle and instead of drawing for a prize winner I'm just going to give a locket to each of them - the Partridge family mom trivia was so obscure that everyone deserves a prize for that one!

This is Not a Real Whine, Really

Anyhoo, hubby and I took a little unplanned road trip this past weekend and I realized just how bad a certain someone's memory has become.

me (reading mapquest printout - yes, we have a GPS, but it is even less trustworthy than mapquest) - okay so we are on this road for 120 miles and then we take exit 27

hubby - ok

hubby - (10 minutes later) you said exit 14?

me - no, exit 27

hubby - (7 minutes later) how long are we on this road?

me - until exit 27

hubby - (20 minutes later) that was exit 29?

me - *crickets*

It is not an exaggeration to say this scenario was repeated at almost every road change - I am not sure what this means - but this is getting scary since I am counting on his memory to make up for the ever increasing gaps in my own ...

, even though it was just the two of us in the car, once a mom always a mom, so in addition to sunscreen (yes, the zinc kind), I brought hand sanitizer, wet ones, tylenol, band aids, paper towels, tissues, a box of teddy grahams and grapes - because "we need to eat some fruit".

So, I learned from this trip some important things:

1. When the road signs in South Carolina say 65 mph they actually mean 65 mph

2. How to talk with a mouth full of teddy grahams

3. Where to get three cases of diet pepsi for $10

4. GPS will always let you down - BRING A MAP

5. The same man who always instinctively knows when he is facing north, west, etc (yes, even when blindfolded and spun in a circle - I've done it) - cannot remember one road or exit from the next and can no longer be counted on to NOT GET US LOST

6. I have set up my life so that Every Single Thing needs to be done by me and I need to change this SOON or my head will explode

(we actually saw some evidence of the exploding head syndrome on our road trip and I am certain these animals had set up their lives to do everything themselves and were unable to delegate and had no one to delegate to and so were forced to make that final trek across the highway themselves - it did not end well for them)

road trip print by Dolan Geiman

6 comments: said...

Oh this post is just too funny. I, too, am suffering through forgetitis in my life as I'm finding my keys in the fridge, glasses are in every room but all migrate to the dining room table and my husband keeps saying "but we talked about that yesterday". When we take little road trips I always pack things that I'm sure we can't get elsewhere - like Diet Coke and Pringles.

I need more fruit :: lynn

Julie Boyles said...

You hit the nail on the head Cat. I think the memory loss is actually brought on by the "must do every single thing myself" syndrome. Even though I'm delegating a lot of things these days, for some reason I still feel the need to oversee it all. My husband calls this micro-managing.

Memory loss- last week I had one of my kid's friends in the car and for the life of me I could NOT remember his name even though I see him almost every day. It was a little scary and being me, I wondered if I was having some kind of stroke or something. This made the memory loss even worse!

Glad you got to get away for the weekend. Hope you got to relax just a little!

Victoria said...


After just embarking on a road trip with my hubby, I too find that number 5 has happened... and it totally threw me for a loop, as I have always depended on him to figure out how to get from point A to point B. Now all of a sudden he doesn't seem to know up from down, and my lousy sense of direction was actually more accurate then his. Very scary.

(I also relate to number 6, often picturing the mess I will leave behind when it actually happens.... and feeling frustrated as they won't clean it up properly!)

Aimee Jeffries said...

LMAO I can totally relate to this one :) Just as I was feeling like the last person on earth that doesn't have GPS too!

canngil said...

My husband always expects me to find out where were are on large county and state maps at a moment's notice. I have a hard time orienting myself when looking at maps suddenly after daydreaming out the bring a yellow highlighter along now. I mark where we start, and any other time I figure out where we are. I dont have to play where's Waldo all the time.
I am so excited about being one of the winners of your trivia contest! Thanks so much!

EMILY said...

Haha. Had to laugh as I just went on a roadtrip yesterday for work - 4 hours each way. One of my coworkers came with and was the navigator. I can only imagine what she was thinking when I had to keep asking what the exit number was again. That never used to happen to me either but I think it's because we were chatting the whole time and my brain just wasn't holding that all-imporatant info at the same time! Hope it's not a sign of things to come...I'm only 33!