Monday, September 6, 2010

Play the Name Game and Win YOUR CHOICE of any Polarity Interchangeable Magnetic Locket!

Now that summer is winding down and autumn is almost here I will be starting the giveaways back up. But, since this is a slow holiday week I think we will try something different!

I promised my friend Kelly from the adorable shop Sweetness Jewelry some time back that I would have this name contest and then of course, I promptly forgot to do it, so here it is now :

I have a confession to make.

Catherine is my middle name. My real first name which some of you know but most probably do not was my mother's name. So, it was easier, I guess, to call me by my middle name.

(and I am very glad most people did because my husband has the same name as his father and when he was younger his family called him little George - which is actually kind of cute - but a few of them called him Georgie and they still do and it really creeps me out)

Which leads us to this little giveaway. I will give a few clues to my real first name and whoever makes a correct guess (if you know my name you can enter, too!) will be entered into a drawing for your choice of any locket from my Polarity shop!

Clue #1 - If this was your name Luke Skywalker might have dated your daughter Laurie when she had braces.

Clue #2 - If this was your name you might have been making today's equivalent of $120,000.00 a week during the great depression.

Clue # 3 - This was my mother's name and she graduated high school in the 1950's.

Do not leave a comment here with your entry - convo me or through the link in the right column that says - let's chat. You can enter up to 3 names. Enter by midnight on Thursday 9/9. All the winning entries will go into a drawing on Friday and the winner will be notified. GOOD LUCK!

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3 squares said...

i'm too late to enter, but dying to know. what is your REAL name, ms. cat?? :)