Wednesday, January 19, 2011

this DECIDING thing is a pain in the a--

So, my very first decision this year

(well, maybe not my first decision, I guess my first decision was to make more decisions)

was to take better care of myself

and part of this take better care of myself thing is to cut way back on diet soda.

And this is a very hard thing for someone who has believed since high school that calories should not be wasted on beverages unless those beverages are chocolate milkshakes or wine coolers.

So, I am transitioning over to unsweetened tea and the "w" word and skim milk and trying to stay sane with a lowered caffeine intake all the while conjuring up images of myself doing backflips and benchpresses at 80 because I will have these amazing bones that will not have had all the calcium leached out of them from another few decades of diet pepsi.

I bought a beautiful glass pitcher to keep cold water in my studio - something about seeing that crystal clear water and the sound of the water as I pour it just makes me happy and makes me feel all healthy and grown up and very much a decision maker.

Now, this is a process

(I'm not exactly going cold turkey here - maybe more like warm chicken)

although I have crossed a little something off my mental checklist.

Don't worry though there are many, many more things for me to be working on like writing the great American mystery novel

(whose protagonist is a crafty mom whipping up recycled valentine's by day and solving the puzzling disappearance of the mailman between dinner and bedtime)

and learning how to make donuts like the girls of Madderroot and doing the laundry without tripping over it for a week first

(have I mentioned the laundry "room" - ie tiny little corridor holding the washer and dryer - is right outside my studio door - this seems like bad feng shui to me although it does come in handy when I get cold and need a sweater as long as I don't mind that the sweater has food stains and smells a little bit like wet dog ... which I don't)

but I'm up for the challenge. Life is short and moves fast, folks. And I have a lot of decisions to make this year ....

*here's the dilemma penguin by living feral


Karen M said...

Oooh, that "dilemma penquin" made my feet cringe!

I like your glass pitcher idea, and I'm going to try it. It's so hard to want to drink water when it's cold.

Catherine Ivins said...

I think that penguin is escaping through a back window at the zoo- his dilemma is leaving his buddies and free snacks ....


Unni Strand said...

I so agree on not waisting uneccesary calories on drinks. (I need them for chocolate.) So I mainly drink water. Soda is not THAT good and I think diet soda tastes horrible. -I guess I'm lucky?
But on the other hand, I'm relatively addicted to my full fat milk latte... So, I'm not sure where that puts me on the healthy scale...

Anonymous said...

I am with Unni on this one. I don't drink a lot of soda, except for when I share my husbands on the occasions that we get fast food... but coffee and my flavored creamers on the other hand, would be hard to kick.