Monday, January 3, 2011

Why "DECIDING" Means Ditching the Get It While We Can Mentality #8 counting down to 2011, maybe this is a countback

Yes, I realize it is already 2011, somehow these posts got a wee bit behind (sigh) ....

You might know this feeling, too.

The feeling that makes you say yes to work when you really need to say no.

When I had a cart in the mall, I never sold anything in the first 2 hours of any day

and yet everyday during this period I would start to get nervous like I would never sell another thing ever again -

it is the same feeling when you start to sell regularly on Etsy and then you don't for a day or two or maybe a week.

(now sometimes this is a good feeling - well, not a good feeling, but it produces a good outcome - a little kick in the keester that we need to encourage us out of a rut and into something new)

But, it is also the feeling that leads us to take on any work, any opportunity that comes along whether it fits in with our intention for our business and our life or not because this could all end tomorrow - doomsday - get it while we can - thinking.

This mentality can be the death of us in almost a literal sense because we will run ourselves ragged, undervalue our work and make promises that will be impossible to keep -

(although we will beat ourselves up trying)

We have to trust in our process.

Saying no sometimes is about self-love. To quote Dr. Phil -

(yes, I am quoting Dr. Phil now - don't hate me - does anybody else find it really weird the way he grabs his wife's hand and practically races her out at the end of every show - very odd - imagine if Oprah did that to Stedman, people would throw a net over her)

It teaches people how to treat us and more importantly confirms to us how we want to be treated. It tells the universe that we trust it; that stuff will still be there for us later - the right stuff.

(and that little voice in your head that screams - are you crazy, you can't turn this down, you are lucky to get paid for this - you can make 10 scarves in 2 days for $150.00 and ship them to Peoria - may get a little quieter - that voice may even crack open a bottle of champagne and whisper hallelujah)

* magical cupcakes print by raceytay


Sherry said...

That smart little voice in our heads is getting smarter and smarter.

I remember I broke into a cold sweat the first time I said "no" to a business offer that really wasn't right for me.

Everyday we get a "do-over". That's a beauty of it all.


laura evans/photography said...

i want those cupcakes ... just saying! xx

ps. i'm a doubter when it comes to my photography, saying no is hard but knowing what's right in your head & your heart makes the difference.

Katie, Interrobangs Anonymous said...

I never thought I'd be thanking anyone for a Dr. Phil quote, but that was just what I needed today. I'm going to turn down a job offer. I'd be very good at the job, but I can't convince myself that it's the one for me. I'm terrified to say no, but it's the right thing to do.

Catherine Ivins said...

A daily do-over Sherry I love that! I know Laura I want to know if Tracey (the photog) baked those cupcakes!

I think I hear a champagne cork popping out there for you Katie!!

Patty said...

Wonderful advice for the new year! Thank you for sharing. :-)

raceytay said...

Oh this rings so true, Cat. The power to be had from saying "no" is both wonderful and frightening, especially that first time. It gets easier and it feels very good. Thank you for the reaffirmation :)


M.M.E. said...

This is exactly what I needed to hear. I've just recently started selling regularly and I get freaked out every time I go without that little 'sale' email for a day or two. Thankfully I've learned that I can say 'yes' to things but only when I charge what I'm really worth.

Waterrose said...

Glad I came across this post...sometimes things just click! Happy new year

BlackStar said...

2011 is the year of 'no', or so it seems.
Happy New Year Cat

Catherine Ivins said...

no to the wrong things so there will be room in our life to say yes to the right things! happy new year back!


KJ said...

I made the decision last fall that this year, I was not going to take on any custom work.

I'm sure this decision, from the outside, might seem absolutely crazybeans, since commissions have been a good chunk of my bread and butter over the past four years AND except for the first quarter, my business pretty much tanked last year.

But I had a discussion with a friend over the summer and realized I was pretty much a disciple of the "Get It While We Can" mentality. I didn't have a clue until I was explaining to her that running a handmade business can't be about getting whatever sales you make that day, it's just not have to plant seeds that are going to grow and multiply over this time next year, when that unexpected bill comes (and it WILL), you won't be scrambling to put on a BOGO sale or some other form of hustling. Then it hit me that I was operating under the exact set of rules I was telling her don't work. Yikes. Scrambling keeps you scrambling.

I realized my security blanket, my "I HAVE TO DO THIS" was custom work.

Don't get me wrong -- I have loved creating special one of a kind paintings for people. Loved it. But while bringing in the money I needed right kept me from putting out new products, planning ahead, and basically growing my business.

So this year, I'm saying no and focusing on growing my business, on building future sales...instead of grabbing any and every custom request that comes my way, like I'm starving for sales and won't make it if I don't take them all.

(Sorry for being long-winded. I cannot help myself.)