Thursday, January 13, 2011

why the teacher doesn't always eat apples and carry a ruler ...

when the student is ready, the teacher appears - Buddhist Proverb

I love this proverb, but truly always imagined this teacher to have some human form or voice or written word attached to him or her -

like a certain someone would pop into my life just when I needed them to and I would hear just the thing I needed to hear at exactly the right time and this has actually happened to me

(and all of us, I am sure)

a couple times -

and I have to admit that I love to play the teacher at times and offer unsolicited advice that the other person will quickly dispense with by saying "that's easy for you to say" to which I always counter "exactly, that's why I'm saying it", which always makes them rethink whatever genius thing I am saying and gives me a guru-like seriousness, kind of like Forrest when he came to the end of his run -

but more often than not what actually happens when I am "ready" is that this "teacher" appears in the form of a lesson or obstacle or something that doesn't look anything like the solemn faced Mr. Miyagi I am expecting.

(and you don't get life lessons like "wax on, wax off" just anywhere you know)

So, when I am ready to

(ie desperately need to)

learn patience for example - life sends me an opportunity to learn patience by practicing patience - in other words - delays, traffic situations, time spent waiting - you get the picture.

This learning by practicing thing is why I never ask the universe to give me strength or courage or anything like that (unless I am in the middle of a crisis already) because I know the best way for me to learn these things is through something that requires me to be strong and courageous and with my luck who knows what kind of calamity will be sent to me as my 'teacher'.

So anyhoo, I have decided to see if there is a little kink in this universal system that I can use to my advantage - a little way to cheat the system - a little life lessons for dummies cheat sheet.

I have determined that what I really need to learn is to be a little more grateful and now things that I am very grateful for should start to move into my life to teach me about gratitude. Do you think this can work?

Like I am grateful for my little Nook that I am totally addicted to

(who has one and what books can we trade ?? warning I have purchased alot of detective fiction and nonfiction, but if you have a Nook and want to borrow/lend, let's chat- no clue how we do this, but we will figure this out together)

and all the books that have been flowing my way.

(my next lesson may involve my dwindling bank account balance since this little marvel has a very simple "2 quick clicks to purchase" feature that makes books very hard to resist)

I will let you know if this lesson of gratitude allows many things for me to be grateful for to flow into my life and if this works we can all be walking around muttering "damn, I wish I was a more grateful person" and see what kind of teacher appears to us - this could be the real law of attraction and remember you heard it here first folks.

(of course, if we really do get Mr. Miyagi and a jar of turtle wax, well, then, we will be at least be grateful that we have a very shiny car ... and we may also have a very tired arm, but at least with the Nook there are no pesky pages to turn)

*math class photograph by D. Hunting


ArtSnark said...

fun post. Don't have a nook but if you like older books, have you tried (one of the Project Gutenberg spinoffs)

Sherry said...

I would have posted yesterday, but I couldn't put the Nook down. Did you know that if the book doesn't say "share this" we can't trade?

I guess that's up to each publisher.

As for gratitude and being grateful, I am trying to remain calm and taking that approach as well.

I cannot stem all that comes my way, I can only change the way I handle it.


Catherine Ivins said...

ooh thanks Sherry- I had no idea they weren't all lendable and now that I look very few are- yes, it is totally addictive!

Julie Boyles said...

I've never thought about lessons this way, and you might really be onto something here. I'm going to think on this some more today and this weekend, because I'm in need of a few good lessons right now. Getting rid of fear and adding more gratitude being the first needed.

Regarding the Nook- I got a Kindle, mostly because I wanted one, but also to make and sell cases for them. I love it! The thing about 2 click purchasing you touched on really struck me. It's scary-easy to buy things online now; even much easier than 1 year ago. Even on Etsy, the purchasing process has been simplified that you almost have bought something before really thinking it out.

I've noticed a decline in the information customers actually read when purchasing something. It seems the easier we try to make purchasing for the customer, the more difficult it can be on the "back end" with extra communication needed, returns etc. (My kids bought about 5 books Christmas Day before they even knew it! OY!) I wonder if Amazon and Barnes & Noble are seeing this trend? I want the whole process to be simple and easy for my customers, and this is something I'm going to try and figure out in the coming weeks.

Great thoughts Cat as always! I'm going to be giving this a lot more thought.


Anonymous said...

I had a picture in my head of an actual nook, like a cupboard under the stairs filled with books and cushions( I didn't know what one was)...
We got a Kindle too Julie and my daughter has also "accidentally " bought books without realizing.
Oh and I have recently been taught..."be careful what you wish for" and "you don't always get what you want ..." lessons can be hard! x