Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Friday All and olive shares a video

Olive loves this pup Ricochet and since Ricochet is doing some fundraising Olive insisted

(ie refused to get off the couch, otherwise known as her bed)

I share this one. There is a little lesson in here about letting go of our expectations of others (yes, even our pups ... sniffle) so they can grow into themselves.

Last week's giveaway winner for Ophelia's Apothecary's $35.00 gift certificate chosen by is = Min: 1
Max: 564 Result: 264 Ana Carina
- congrats Ana and thank you to everyone who took the time to enter!

Enjoy this first weekend of summer everyone!


KJ McLean said...

Now that I've finally put down the kleenex, thank you for sharing this! :)

kella said...

ok.. i'm bawling! very sweet lesson..

Catherine Ivins said...

it's a tearjerker ....

Anonymous said...

Now I'm crying! Great story. :)

ana carina said...

The video sounds really good, but I can't see it (not available to my country..)

I'm really excited about winning the giveaway! I think I'm spending more than the check, I want everything! ehehe
I promise to do a review to her products at my blog and share the love!
Thank you Cat and Ophelia!!