Friday, January 11, 2013

new moon day - set those intentions!

print by sonya kanelstrand
Today's full moon in Capricorn makes this a great day to set some intentions for the New Year.

This is not a time to be limiting the universe so it's best to work in terms of essence and not details here.

Life can dream bigger dreams for us than we have for ourselves truly!

(yes, I'm channeling Oprah today)

Don't overthink this. If we are sitting from the place of the question "what do I do now"  or "what do I want" the answer isn't just going to pop into our head because the question (place we are sitting) doesn't vibrate at the same level as the answer (place we are going) - and these aren't really places but maybe this is an easier way to look at it.

These very questions are what keep us stuck!

(this is science - every particle of matter within the universe contains at all times two aspects - the presence of the thing and the absence of the thing)

We are literally activating the vibration of "not knowing" with these questions - the one place in the universe the "knowing" is prevented from being!

We don't have to figure anything out today. The new moon isn't the time for that anyway and that just puts us back in our heads when we need to be working from our hearts right now.

Let's just put our hand over our heart and set our intention for joy!

(imagine it is the end of 2013 and we are thinking that we just had the most joyful year of our lives, just imagine how that would feel and sit in that)


KJ said...

Content works well for me.

I am thinking: Forward, Progress, Movement, Journey...

I keep saying I have big changes coming and they will bring me joy and frustration and wonder and growth and who knows how many other things, but I will not lose the contentment I have right now.

Many years ago I used to mumble to myself: Life is a bitch; now I mumble to myself: Life is good.

I know why the change occurred I was, however, unaware of it at the time. That change brought me both great joy and deep pain.

Catherine Ivins said...

I like what you are thinking Kathy! I think that contented feeling has burrowed itself deep within you so you call it up when you need it! I used to mumble to myself "I don't know" - then wondered why I had such brain fog ... life is good, yup xo