Saturday, February 2, 2013

Saturn Saturday - a wrap up and intro to this month's fun

greek goddess art print by LipsticKissPress
This post wraps up my Saturn and Nodes of the Moon charts for last month's volunteers. I am so grateful to all of you for letting me get my feet wet with this again - thank you!

Over the next few weeks I'm starting a new series working with the energies of the first four asteroids sited in the 1800's - Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta.

Just like the planets of our birth chart, the position of these asteroids at the time of our birth carries meaning about our astrological makeup and reflects how our goddess energies influence us!
(plus they are fascinating!)

Ceres (known to the Greeks as Demeter) is the mother - the provider, the nurturer - the goddess archetype of spring. Ceres represents the part of our nature that longs to give birth and then nourish and sustain new life. She represents the essential bonding or lack of that occurs between mother and child. She is the impulse to nurture and also to be nurtured by others.

Ceres's daughter, Persephone, was abducted by Pluto, lord of the underworld. The grieving mother, Ceres wandered the earth in search of her missing child.

In her grief, depression and anger, she caused a famine, withholding nourishment from the world until her daughter was returned. Persephone meanwhile had eaten pomegranate seeds, a symbol of sexual awareness, which gave Pluto a claim over her so she could not be returned permanently to her mother.

(damn you pomegranate seeds!)

A deal was reached so Persephone would spend part of each year in the underworld with Pluto caring for the souls of the dead, but each spring would be reunited with her mother in the upper world as she initiated the dead into the rites of rebirth (spring).

Ceres in our chart alerts us to any challenges with nurturing and directs us to the kinds of experience we need to feel unconditionally loved and accepted.

We'll take a look at her and Pallas (known to the Greeks as Athena) next week.

If anyone wants to know how the asteroids Ceres and Pallas harmonize and clash with the other points in your chart send me your birth date (yes, I need year, too - sorry), place and time or leave this info in the comments section at the end of this post.

Now to our next guinea pig volunteer : Bliss.

bliss coffee art block by pey lu
When Bliss was born Saturn was in Sagittarius - think gypsy, teacher, philosopher, traveler, artist - the archer, shooting arrows out in multiple directions and exploring.

Saturn here says to Bliss - choose - your path, your beliefs, your direction - he enforces "keeping your eye on the target". When obstacles are thrown in her path she instinctively has the energies to choose the next right path. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and luck rules Sagittarius - Saturn contracts this luck but offers Bliss the path to earn and deserve her rewards.

"Saturn in Sagittarius is here to travel intellectually as well and physically. Follow your enthusiasms and fascinations, and engage in any form of study that opens your mind and expands your awareness. Discover what has meaning and significance for you, and study philosophy and religion as a springboard to develop your own belief systems. Saturn in Sagittarius requires you to continually examine your beliefs, and to let go of any belief as soon as it becomes too rigid, or if it seems to limit your growth and freedom." (astrology through the houses, 1997)

Ask yourself,
how is this belief serving me?

If she looks at a belief or value and her energy level starts going down then she knows this is a belief or value she needs to release - it isn't that her belief or value is good or bad, right or wrong -
she has simply outgrown it

Bliss's true north - the energy she is here to explore and expand within and is new to her at a soul level is Scorpio. Her been there/done that energy that she is warm and fuzzy with but will not work so well for her this time around is Taurus.

So reaching for the best qualities of Scorpio (not the worst) and letting go of the worst qualities of Taurus (while retaining the best, because these are the qualities she will always have at her disposal) is what she planned for this lifetime and will bring Bliss her best success.

So to expand Bliss can develop the gifts of Scorpio -  self discipline, constructive change, release whatever creates low energy or stagnation, eliminate non-useful possessions, learning to enjoy things without having to own them, accepting money, ideas and opportunities from others, openness to partnering

and let go of the negative aspects of Taurus - stubbornness, attachment to comfort, attachment to the status quo, questioning past decisions, doing things over and over the same way, resisting change and resisting input from others

A big old leaky cup for Bliss (her bottomless pit) - the stuff that she will never be able to fill herself with by focusing on is accumulation. She will never have the stuff, money, comfort and stability she thinks she needs to have to be able to bond with another and still feel there is enough left to take care of her needs. When she does bond with another, the mutually empowering relationship is what will make her rich!

She would be great at editing, banking, insurance, investments, investigations - working with other people's money, psychology- helping other people change can help her change also - we all teach what we are here to learn! She has great business karma.

Some great mantras for Bliss would be:
 "when I choose change I win, when I choose the status quo, I lose", the alternative to change is stagnation", "as I empower other people, they recognize my worth", "change energizes me"

Past life indulgences in the sensual and food, drink, accumulation leads to the feeling that if it feels good it will keep feeling good and more is more. For some this is true, but in this lifetime this will not make Bliss happy. It just becomes a burden. Past lives where possessions and accumulations of wealth were the prizes she worked hard for because they validated her worth are over now.

She is a master builder - this is a great gift - she can build things that will last forever. She does thorough work with pride and doesn't skip a step - this is a lesson so many people are here to learn.

In this lifetime and especially in the 2nd half of Bliss's life though this stuff and way of being will just bog her down. In past lives she had to expand her family's wealth; she had to focus strictly on the task at hand to make that happen - her self worth became based on what she did not on who she was - she set this up to be a "choose who she is" lifetime.

She has a warm and wonderful heart - others want to help her - she just has to let them in and be willing to release sole ownership, allowing money to circulate, release it with love when she needs to pay bills, give it and receive it - this is not a lifetime where any kind of hoarding will be rewarded - don't save anything you don't need. You need your burdens to be light this time around! She is probably tired of all the hard work and needs to not equate change with hard work - it is actually the key to her freedom and joy! She probably thinks she knows herself very well, and I bet she does, but I think there is much more for her to know! And the more she synergistically combines with others the more she will grow.

For 2013 - this will be a year of expressing inspiration, tapping into imagination, more entertaining, enjoying yourself, trying new things, finishing up tasks, letting go of what is no longer working, anything you have been procrastinating should finish up this year, there will be a lot of energy of love and joy, stay flexible, personal expansion year, exert the energy to get things done, alot of energy around partnerships and relationships and business relationships - Jupiter has been in your 7th house since last year so its the energy around shared resources, expansion, bringing things together, inheritance, custody stuff,  many planets in your first house of identity so probably alot of balance issues, bringing things into balance with others, maybe a little tug of war energy where you had to look at where others are coming from and vice versa, In 2014 you will be laying down the groundwork and have more responsibility, 2013 will fly by, in 2014 things will move slower, 2nd saturn return approaching soon - look at what was happening the first saturn return around ages 28-30 and see how that relates to what is going on in your life now - it is in your 1st house of identity how you present yourself to the world, your image, another testing period of who you really are and letting go of the personas that no longer serve you, gaining more respect, more dignity, a great sense of accomplishment, this will be harmonious with Uranus which is a planet of unconventionality so it will bring excitement and change- it will be significant but divinely timed., you may find yourself at times dealing with doubt and uncertainty - what seemed real or right to you is maybe not so solid, but it is just there to help you change, diet, health important especially nerve things, sciatica (how are others getting on your nerves, how are you being nervy), hip things maybe, needing to open to love, bringing more real stuff into your life, jan- organized, feb- a shift, march - intense emotional period - maybe starts end of feb, april - contemplating new, may- shift, accomplishment, material gain, June- tying up loose ends, getting affairs in order, financial adjustments, don't overcommit yourself, july- new, aug- connecting more, sept- fun, do something good for yourself because things will start to pick up, oct- building, organizing starting nov/dec- shift, change, prepare for 2014 (more work in 2014), and oh yes Mars in the 4th house around April so home, emotions, mother, domestic stuff will require action


Cait Throop said...

Wow! Talk about thorough! Well done!

Anonymous said...

Cat - thank you so much for this! I will be mulling over this information again and again. This is thorough, detailed and it will be incredibly helpful.
If I may - I would love to volunteer for the asteroids as well.
Thank you again, Cat. You are incredible!