Friday, June 7, 2013

Part III (not really but a very mini preview) what the weakest point of our business is trying to show us and why it is always the place where we give our power away; the place of fear

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I had a post ready to go on this but now that I have reread it I want to say it differently, so I have to go back and rewrite it.

I want to talk about our foundations and about how attaching ourselves to external goals -

(even when things work out for us because the external world always cycles and takes our external lives up and down along with it, what is working out today may not be working out tomorrow. I remember laying in bed one night many years ago and thinking that every single things was right with my world- my daughter was happy, my mother's health was improved, we were making more money and then I remember laying in bed a week later and every single situation had reversed itself)

attachment without having these foundations in place for ourselves makes life harder (or wait, I forgot life isn't hard) - more complicated - more top heavy, less grounded, more wobbly.

The cracks in our foundation are always showing us the places where we lack trust; the places of our fear; the places where we give our power away. I know that this stuff is a practice - we don't go to the gym and consider it done - the same with meditation - it's the same with self love and acceptance - the same with everything.

I had a big lesson in this yesterday with my business although I'm not sure I want to write about it - the prophetic power of my blog posts being what they are these days and it being so ... unsettled right now.

I might though.

Have a nice weekend everyone - we'll see if I have the courage or idiocy (I can't decide which this would take on my part) to talk about this as part of this series - the "c" word problem that makers have to deal with, the one I never talk about here - the thing that feels like someone has sucked out our stomach, convinced our kids to call them mom and yanked off our arm. No, I am not being dramatic - well, maybe a little dramatic, but it's Friday ....

xo all


KJ said...

I remember when I used to walk around and mutter to myself "life is a bitch." Then I fell in love and began to mutter to myself "life is sweet." Even with the death of my love I still mutter to myself life is sweet. And again, I will repeat, I am content.

I do think attitude counts.

Catherine Ivins said...

I think you are a woman with a secure foundation Kathy - your contentment comes from within (the real stuff, the stuff you can't lose) not without - that's where I wanted to go with this series, we set up practices to make the foundation secure - it's about us choosing ourselves and not waiting for someone else to choose us or something to happen for us to be happy - your contentment isn't circumstance dependent and yes attitude is the part we can control - I am sorry to hear about the death of your love my friend xo