Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Manufactured Goods and the Fishing Boat Captain - part lll (a fable in 3, now 4 parts)

skilled sailor cork ring
Captain Sully and his fishing boat captain friends, feeling the weight of a thousand other fishing boat captains on their shoulders, stumbled into their local pub.

The bartender who was used to people stumbling out and not so much used to them stumbling in, stood speechless.

Outside, a storm was kicking up. The wind howled. The sliver of a waxing moon filled the sky.

Sad Irish music (this) wafted from the jukebox although no one had put in any coins and hey, the bartender thought to himself, when the hell did that thing start working again?

At first the other patrons didn't notice the sudden storm and the determined and slightly vacant look of the fishing boat captains slowly filling the pub.

All at once they stopped their conversations mid-sentence and cocked their heads.

They looked at their watches. The guy in the john dropped his cellphone down the toilet and flushed it away. He was late - there was no time to lose.

The words pounded in his head. The word pounded in all their heads. LATE.

Most couldn't remember what they were late for - although some had vague memories of kid's soccer games missed years ago, papers not turned in on time, deadlines missed at work and then the promotion going to that jackass who always threw his empty water bottle in the trash can instead of the recycling bin.

One became haunted by her father's funeral, which she had missed 5 years before when a freak storm just like tonight's now that she thought about it - had delayed her trip home. LATE filled their heads until they thought their heads would explode if they didn't get GOING.

Outside as they stumbled onto the sidewalk, each head turned toward the moon in unison. The moon which had been only a sliver just minutes before now filled the sky over the Etsy Marina sign. The moon mouthed "YOU'RE LATE".

(cue the scary music here)

The bartender may have thought for a moment how strange it was that everyone was leaving at once but recovered quickly, filled frosty mugs with Guinness and handed each fishing boat captain a drink in turn as they stumbled past him on their way to the corner booth.

These were not folks taken to complaining. They were women and men of the sea after all and they had learned long ago that a smooth sea did not make a skilled sailor.

Tonight they sipped their pints slowly and nervously. Many didn't speak. A few grumbled about customers who wouldn't know a hands-on captain from a hands-off captain until the ship they were fishing on capsized. At least there would be no captain to go down with the ship, they muttered.

Captain Sully, a man of few words, looked each fishing boat captain in the eye (all at once, yes, all at once) and pulled out a ... treasure map.

(I guess this is a fable in 4 parts now - laughs mischievously and looks at the moon)


DancingMooney ♥ said...

So true Cat. Some are jumping ship. Only the strong will survive. :)

Catherine Ivins said...

jumping ship! damn Janelle I will have to work that in! xo

Orion Designs said...

I'm on the edge of my seat ...

KJ said...

How about floatsam and jetsam?

I am behind, as usual.

What I think is that people who are going to succeed are going to make it work and people who do not want to work toward success are not going to reach their goals. Some will find that Etsy still works for them and others will find a different path. And then there are those who take the path of least resistance and wonder why they are not reaching their goals.

Regardless, now that the Federal shutdown is over and I am back to getting a pay check I can go back to my path of least resistance and just enjoy the process of making when I can put aside the really good book I am reading.

Catherine Ivins said...

Ugh I needed floatsam and jetsam yesterday trying to end this story- I think Stephen King is safe from any competition from me and I will go back to talking about flat tires and gmos. I am glad your paychecks have resumed - now what book are you reading?

KJ said...

I am reading Science Fiction (which is the only alternative to my other escape- Fantasy.) I am an addict. This week I finished The Last Dancer by Daniel Keys Moran and started The AI War by the same author. Mr. Moran wrote what is probably my favorite book The Long Run. Unfortunately for me, he is not a very productive writer- especially for a man who thinks this series should be 33 volumes long. :)

Catherine Ivins said...

Thanks Kathy- I just bought The Long Run on my Nook - I will start it tonight - I love sci fi and fantasy, too. I was hoping audible might have it so I could listen and work, but of course it's not there. Probably better for me to read anyway - something to look forward to everyday.

KJ said...

ahh... I missed this.

You need Emerald Eyes. But I read The Long Run before I read Emerald Eyes.

Moran had previously released all of these free. Couldn't find a current link when I looked.

KJ said...

Drat... I thought I posted a response.

I did not see this when I asked what you were reading.

I read The Long Run before I read Emerald Eyes.

Moran used to have a site where you could download them all at no charge, but I could not find a current link.

KJ said...

I posted two responses here last night and the first time it did not show up I thought "user error." The second time I did not know what to think. :(