Full Moon / Lunar Exclipse in Aries on Friday - hold onto your integrity everyone

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I promise to finish up Captain Sully tomorrow.

(notice I didn't say finish off Captain Sully, but you never know what will happen since I am channeling Stephen King right now)

I want to get this post that I wrote a couple weeks ago up tonight for tomorrow's full moon.

Yes, we have a full moon - YIKES

(this one may or may not talk to us like Captain Sully's moon - it's in Aries, so I'm thinking if it is talking, it won't be holding anything back and we may have no choice but to listen and may not like what we hear)

and a lunar eclipse in Aries (remember the full moon is always in the opposite sign of the sun, so we have sun in Libra now so Aries full moon) - we had the Aries new moon last spring so something from that time is finishing up.

We also have Mars (Aries ruler) recently entering Virgo so it's a great time to put that energy (Mars) into Virgo stuff like organizing things, cleaning up, healing ventures, helping others. Virgo gets alot of heat as a fuss budget type of energy but that is far from the truth of it. This is where Mars landed last November so you may have a sense of deva ju right now depending on where this all lands in your own chart.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury so the retrograde coming up in a couple days (that energy is already with us) will ease some of the nastier Mars stuff with this - but we may be finding people saying unkind things, stuff we say being taken out of context, we'll be taking things too personally, saying things we immediately wish we could take back, etc. I have found some of this in my own life for the last couple weeks - mostly communication stuff, even crazy family nonsense with Facebook postings that have created some mini, short-lived feuds. Mars will be sitting here until December when it moves into Libra and we probably will be wishing he was back in Virgo!

So this full moon is lighting up the Aries/Libra polarity stuff in our own lives and the eclipse will help us more easily eclipse out what isn't working.

Think of Aries as the self and Libra as the other - we have "me vs. us", "assertion vs. compromise" here - all the stuff we have seen played out in our government is happening in our own lives and heads, too. We probably won't be able to sit on our feelings right now or the sidelines either. There is also this Uranus Pluto square that has a similar vibe and is causing a conflict between independence and connectedness then we have Jupiter kind of hanging around the fringes like the great cosmic cheerleader she is, in this case making things even more dramatic.

An interesting side note to this, not many astrologers talk about fixed stars much but my old astrology teacher was obsessed with them and it was contagious for me and maybe will be for you, too - anyway an interesting side note that relates back to my boat captain series for anyone who could figure out what the hell I was talking about with that one - is that the fixed star Fomalhaut which is the artist, magician, innovator Aquarius/Pisces energy is currently doing battle with the star Regulus which is the Leo kingly, royal, "one in charge" energy. This is a battle for the hearts and minds and has a sobriety aspect to this for many - maybe a wake up call that all is not as it seems.

Anyhoo, this eclipse will certainly dissolve anything in our life that is being held together with threads.

That was a long ramble. I hope something in here is helpful to someone. I am thinking of moving this stuff onto another site where maybe we can check the transits together and people can see how it fits into their own lives so this stuff will be more personal and useful. It can be very helpful to have a little peek around the corner at times.

Here's to clear skies and long walks in the moonlight everyone! xo


DancingMooney ♥ said...

Oh yes! Walks in the moonlight on a full moon! Thanks for the reminder. It was overcast here last time so I missed it.

KJ said...

You could put it on a separate tab on your site instead of a whole different site, thus it becomes another aspect instead of an outcast.

Or, you could just leave it as is.

My $0.02