Monday, March 16, 2015

The Only 3 Three Things That Matter | Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of March 16th

We have the final face-off between Pluto (in Capricorn) and Uranus (in Aries) tonight. Yes, tonight. And no, it's not happening in Vegas and you don't need a Pay Per View ticket (do they still do that? probably not).

We are all invited.

And this doesn't mean the energy disappears tomorrow because these are slow moving planets and we won't have them safely out of each other's range to land a good left hook for a couple years.

(yes, I said years, forget I said that, I know it sounds exhausting, let's just get through this week)

They peak now for the final time.

We've talked about this before. In the outer world this is affecting everyone. If this month's square is hitting your chart more personally you already know it. You don't need me to tell you. You feel the pressure, the wall, the rock. Any significant changes being asked of us as part of this collective transformation are known now.

We have the same positive hooks again this week. This is great energy for a miracle. If we are in a situation that feels impossible, if we feel hopeless, if we feel the forces against us are too great - this energy can move that stuff right out of our way.

This is great energy to change limiting beliefs.  That's what this entire process is all about.

(and yes, even the beliefs that appear to keep us all safe and cozy are indeed limiting us in some way - mostly into thinking safe and cozy is always a good thing and then we make choices based around that as if it were a fact)

Belief systems are structures of our mind, and when we’re forced to change our beliefs (that's what Uranus is doing to Pluto) - those internal structures collapse. It feels like we are living in a world gone mad because we are!

Belief systems are no different than any other kind of intricate system. They have internal safety checks that are there for a reason (basically to keep us sane and functioning) and they are being totally overruled now.

That's why our beliefs are so difficult to change. 

They are supposed to be difficult to change because changing them changes the world. 

So, it’s not just the “system” that's changing, but our belief in that system. And it's that - our changing belief - that changes everything.

For now, we get centered. We take a clear eyed look at ourselves in the mirror (yes, use the Windex, or hopefully something less caustic, first).

We acknowledge the beliefs (not the actions, but the deeper beliefs that preceded our actions) that created the situation we are in now.

We release the limiting belief that is torturing and sabotaging us. Maybe that belief is something like "there isn't enough for me." And that belief causes us to hold onto things way past their expiration date and even things that aren't ours. Or maybe it is something like 'I am not enough" or "I must (fill in the blank)".

It's the belief that is connected to the fear that is so deeply entrenched it makes our stomach contract just to think about it.

We thank life for showing us this belief is only true because we believe it.

Releasing the belief gets us the miracle now.

Let's also remember Buddha's only 3 things that matter in the end, number three is rocking my internal world right now .... I'll be back mid week to write about the upcoming New Moon Solar Eclipse that kicks off eclipse season and offers up a fresh start about 3X as powerful as a normal New Moon and ends this crazy ass week! xo all

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