Sunday, April 19, 2015

Get It Done | Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of April 20th

no clue what that pony is about ....
See my New Moon vision board post HERE

Here's mine ---->

I believe vision boards should be compiled thoughtfully but not too thoughtfully - we want to keep our right brain from gumming up the works as much as possible. This isn't about just grabbing a bunch of pictures of stuff we want. Use the images and words that are calling your name - don't over-think it.

If you'd like to make one during the new phase of the current Aries lunar cycle (which is the astrological new year and an excellent time to do this!) get this done before Wednesday. Stuff is about to get very busy so sooner is better than later because you will run out of time and never get to it!

This week has some great mojo so let's put this energy to good use!

This is fast moving energy - so get it done and out the door! Lots of opportunities. 

Our practical Taurus Sun says "hold on - let's build something lasting here" and will allow us to focus on "what we can do with what we have" and shine a light on anything new that looks interesting so we can say YES. 

Venus in Gemini is giving us lots of choices and the ability to do things again, in a new way. 

We'll see how this all plays out later - some stuff will stay, some stuff won't. 

The energy is all about "new" so do something new and give this energy something to work with!

This is also a great time for organizing things and situations so they stay organized. 

We start this week with that New Moon momentum - this is an Aries New Moon so it is all about us and all about NEW. If we want something to happen, it is up to us to make it happen. Our passion and ability to take action will be the catalyst that moves things forward now. This is a time for initiation - it doesn't have to be big giant steps - although if you feel the need to take some big giant steps, don't let me stop you! Any step in a new direction snowballs now. There is wind at our backs.

The Sun moves into Taurus Monday.

Taurus is the first earth sign of the year and it is fixed earth. People born with a Taurus sun sign usually have a pretty fixed attitude and planets found in Taurus in our natal chart will develop a natural sense of rhythm and just keep doing things that way because it works well enough.

In the northern hemisphere, Taurus season coincides with spring (fertility). Ruled by Venus it is associated with the simple beauty of nature. Taurus rules the 2nd house - our values and our valuables.

It's seeds in the ground season and our 2nd house holds the seeds of our natural talents and gifts.

**We are all born with something of value that can be developed, either to make our own living so we can support ourselves or to serve others who will support us.  "Easy" planets in our 2nd house - Venus, the Sun or Jupiter - make us naturally inclined to develop our gifts and talents and allow those talents to support us. "Hard" planets in our 2nd house - Mars, Saturn - mean we must work to bring consciousness to our talents and gifts (this is not a bad thing). Restrictive Saturn, for example, in our 2nd house, doesn't mean we won't have enough money - it could mean our self worth is tied to our ability to manage money. Our early life probably did not teach us sensible rules of money and resource management. We have to learn through hard earned experience. Outer planets in our 2nd house - Uranus, Pluto, Neptune - are rather uncontrollable and our ability to meet our 2nd house needs is often outside our control so we have to work with the planet's energy.**

Saturn and Pluto are retrograde.

Taurus trines Pluto and wants us to be practical and wrap up the things that need wrapping up. Then Mercury comes along (Tues, Wed) and trines Pluto - communications with authority figures can go well, contracts get signed, offers and decisions are made. Jupiter (in Leo) squares Mercury and could make us (or others) over-commit or exaggerate. Everyone is about to get very busy. xo all (my jury service continues! ugh)


DancingMooney said...

Go West! Excited for you! :) I made a board yesterday, and it was as if I could hear you talking... "know these things are already yours". I'll try to share a picture somehow... actually I found a book I want to get on my kindle, and a podcast to share, so I'll be back once I get to my desk. Xo!!

Catherine Ivins said...

YAY I'm sop glad. I have to find a place to hang mine. I didn't intend for it to be so big! xo

Catherine Ivins said...

I mean so glad - maybe sop glad, too who knows ....

DancingMooney said...

Hey ya. So here's the link to that podcast I wanted to share...

I've just started reading the book Quiet Power Strategy on my kindle, you might like it too...