Monday, June 1, 2015

owning our gifts | part I | prequel - yes, I am having prequels and sequels now, I'll blame the movie industry and the summer blockbusters

Full Moon (June 2nd) post tomorrow which will cover this week's creative forecast, too. Expansion time people!

We are living through some major paradigm shifts - which is really one shift, the rising divine feminine and end of patriarchy (which isn't a woman/man thing, although it may play out this way at times - this is archetypal energy, we all hold feminine and masculine).

One of the spaces that is shifting for everyone is our relationship between money and hard work. We have a Full Moon in Sagittarius (the sign of expansion ruled by Jupiter) tomorrow night, so this seems like a good time to start a series about what this shift might look like for us.

I have a member of my family who is always saying, "work smarter, not harder." He has been saying this for years and because he hardly ever works at all, it irritates the hell out of everyone.

Plus we are mostly Pluto in Virgo people who believe on some level that work is supposed to be work. We white knuckle it, put in the hours, drive our bodies like workhorses, put up with people we'd rather not spend time with, do what has to be done - we have connected money with hard work for so long, the idea that this connection is all in our heads gives us a headache.

So the shifting world is asking us - what do we need to do to be cared for financially? who do we need to be? what do we need to believe? can we manifest just by holding a frequency? do we need to do things we don't want to do to bring home the bacon and send little Abby to Montessori?

We have had a hierarchical, trickle down, patriarchal monetary system which has been either noblesse oblige - (french for "to whom much has been given much is expected") the inferred responsibility of privileged people to act with generosity and nobility toward those less privileged (ie Lord Grantham at Downtown) or has seen the money 'holders' acting out the opposite side of the same coin - rejecting social obligations like paying taxes, treating people unfairly and chasing corporate goals and bigger, totally pointless, offshore bank accounts at the expense of the planet. Either way much has been out of the hands of most people.

The planets have been lining up for the last couple decades to give us something else.

The evolutionary arc is a new paradigm for our monetary system where there is no money 'holder', gatekeeper, person who probably isn't a person, on whom we must depend to be fair and honorable.

Instead, we each hold the vision that attracts the right community around us - not to us like we're king of the mountain. We bring our time, our talent, our energy and our passion to a jointly held goal and the fruit it bears is shared in a fair and honorable way that strengthens everyone. 

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noblesse oblige

If this sounds too new-agey and 'hippie commune' to you or like some futuristic Tom Cruise movie where everyone does the job they are assigned based on some kind of creepy, DNA pigeon-holing aptitude test - we need to start thinking bigger, MUCH BIGGER.

We are being offered a world, and life has always been offering us this we just have more people awake and looking in the same direction now to push us over a tipping point, where our passion doesn't have to be the hobby we take to the basement after the kids go to bed - our passion can be our life's work.

This doesn't mean work goes away - we came to work.

But work will be the thing that fires us up and when it stops firing us up, and unless we are simmering at a low flame (and some of us will and that is OK we need those flame keepers and all of us will hold a low flame at times) the flames will die down eventually - we will find something else to get fired up about and move in that new direction effortlessly.

Artists and creative people will lead the way with this. It is already happening.

We need two things to transpire (and they are totally self-directed - we don't need to wait for anyone to give us these two things - they are right here waiting for us now) to make this possible.

1. We need to own our gifts and 2. We need to find our flock

These are not options. We need to take responsibility for what we offer into the world and we need to do this with people who light us up and bring us joy.

Up next in Part I on Wednesday - owning our gifts

In the meantime maybe start thinking about - "if the world moved in this direction what would be new and different about me - how would I have to change, what would I have to release, etc" and "what is so challenging about that new and different me that I might be avoiding it" - let's see where this takes us.

xo all

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Great post, Cat! I am on the edge of my seat waiting for what you have tomorrow. Hoping everything is well with you. xo Renate