Saturday, June 13, 2015

owning our gifts | part II

awakening by elif demir
You can read the prequel here
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(this is starting to feel like Jurassic Park, which yes, I'd kind of like to see, have to find a kid to drag along)

I heard from a couple people last week who were not really feeling it when I wrote about letting go of the idea of "hard work". I know where this is coming from because we might like the idea of being a "hard worker" and "paying our dues".

(although I think if we are honest with ourselves we like these things best in hindsight when they have led us to victory or some kind of reward or achievement and not so much when they just lead us in circles - feminine energy is not linear, circles are our friend now)

If being a hard worker means doing the best job possible, I'm totally with you. If paying our dues means putting in the time it takes to get really good at something, you and I are in total agreement and maybe should go on vacation together or at least have a sleepover and do our nails.

But - the world is evolving, quickly, past the idea that work is hard, that we need to make things happen, that we pay our dues for some outside approval or circumstance, that we work hard and get rewarded. This is also about a switch in mindset from wealth being what we have to wealth being what we experience and allow.

We are living in the in-between time where the old world is falling down and the new world barely has its footings built! We are the ones who get to decide how this is going to work. We are the ones we have been waiting for (to borrow a line from the Hopi). Let's get excited instead of worried!

(Speaking of "worried", this is Mars in Gemini season, so worry can quickly and easily turn into obsession and have us going back and forth and over and over things with our thoughts and maybe even our language. It is pretty much guaranteed that any fears we are obsessing over now are 90% all in our heads. The New Moon on the 16th conjunct Mars will clear the space for a fresh perspective with whatever we are going in circles with. Sometimes we aren't ready for the answers - we just have to live the questions.)

This truly is a time of great opportunity. It requires our presence and attention to the natural forces at work in our lives. It's not about taking control and forcing things into the shapes we want them to be anymore.  
This is about a humble recognition of the gifts we have been given and a willingness to apply ourselves through all kinds of circumstances to making good use of them.

The space of the asteroid Pandora in our birth chart is one place to start. What house is she in? What sign? What does that sign and house rule? Where are the natural rulers of that house and sign?

For example in my chart Pandora is in Capricorn in the 2nd house. Capricorn rules business and the second house rules our values - the things money can buy and the things money can't buy. The natural ruler of the 2nd house is Venus who is in my 2nd house in Sagittarius and Capricorn is ruled by Saturn who is in my 3rd house.

(if this sounds like sister Susie selling seashells at the seashore to you, email me your birth info- date, time, place and I will chart this out for you)

Words I would play with to talk about the combination of Capricorn, 2nd house, Venus, 3rd house, Sagittarius and Saturn would be: business, career, ambition, money, values, beauty, women, art, communication, little picture thinking, big picture thinking, philosophy, travel, the internet, responsibility, discipline, karma.

This list might look broad but I can see how I have been offered opportunities again and again in my life to step into my responsibility in these spaces and refine these gifts. I have also been knocked on my ass with this stuff.

I could have a career working with women and their money (which I did), I could be making artful and beautiful objects and create a business selling them to women on the internet (which I do), I could travel, I could take a philosophy class, I could discipline myself to value my physical body more and take better care of it. There are gazillions of options here that could get me moving in a supported direction (and of course, these would have to be things I could get excited about). The things we are here to do will get us excited!

When we connect with the space in our life we are carrying Pandora's gift of HOPE for humanity and begin to express it, I think we will be able to stop giving away our capacity for natural prosperity and shift to ease and community.

So what can we do now?

First we might look at where we are carrying HOPE in our birth chart and think about how this is playing out in our own life. What would it look like if we stepped up to bat with this emerging energy?

Now we let a vision exist in our consciousness. This will be a vision of a world where we get to do the thing that brings us great joy (this will be the thing that brings others joy, too!) and live an abundant life through the process of claiming and working with our gifts.  

It's the vision we carry of our highest potential.

Don't worry at this early stage how we will bring this vision into our physical life. We just welcome this new vision and be open to it. The breadcrumbs will be visible to us soon enough. We do not have to know how to make this vision a reality to create it as a strong potential in consciousness.

Each day we'll spend some time with this vision letting it grow and observing it in our energetic field. Think of this vision as an actual living thing that we are welcoming into our life. Every time we bring our focus to it, our potential for it gathers and expands.

Right now we are in the Balsamic Moon phase - the perfect time for rest and preparing to move forward with something new.

I find astrology to be interesting and helpful and I do believe that certain aspects of our life are fated. I also believe very strongly in our own free will. You do not have to believe in astrology or even be interested in it to benefit from this exercise!

Up Next Part III - Our Flock and Step Two of our Vision


stregata said...

Cat - could you help me understand this Pandora effect in my chart, please? Do you still have my data?
Hoping all is well with you. I know you are having some pretty hot weather. xo Renate

KJ said...

I have followed my heart and tried a gazillion things- I have had an interesting life and ended up happy and content. I am blessed. I am also not yet done learning a gazillion new things. (The bad side of all this is I look indecisive and flighty on my resume.)

Balance really has been a watchword for me for decades.

If I get to decide how things are going to work, I raise my voice for longer weekends in order to get all the stuff done at home and still have time for the extras.

Catherine Ivins said...

Just emailed you Renate xo

Yes, Kathy I know your words and advice about balance have resonated with me big time over the years. The happiest times of my life have honestly been when I have the bet of both worlds. xo

Catherine Ivins said...

also following your heart raises the energy of the planet for everyone ....