8AM Tuesday....

Locked myself out of the house in the rain
(well it looked like it could rain)
Climbed through a window
(scraped my elbow on the sink)
Fell onto the floor in a graceless heap
(granite; well, the cheaper stuff, but hard as granite anyway)
Ate some cookies
(felt a little better)
Olive licked my face
(felt alot better until I realized she just wanted the cookie crumbs)

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Sherry said...

Ooh, sounds like a two cookie day, maybe with some ice cream on top. Whenever I lock myself out, and have a routine like you did, I promise I'm going to get an extra key made and hide it outside. But do I?

Catherine Ivins said...

I even have a piece of porch flooring that removes and a little hanger for the key- but I always forget to put the key back- it is never there when I need it!

Wild Woman Jewelry said...

I cannot tell you how many times my husband has lifted and shoved me over (more or less) the flower box and through the bedroom window at our cottage because we have locked ourselves out! On a the postive side, you were greeted once you landed! :) hmmmmm...extra key....good idea...