Minding Their Manor

Just a few days until my great solo Oregon adventure- heading to Portland to visit my sister and her family including my new little niece (whose cute little pics show a remarkable resemblance to her Aunt Cat, if I do say so myself). My family is staying put in New Jersey, so I am on my own for this one.

(drops mouse to happy dance around the room)

I have been thinking about proper houseguest etiquette and googled some rules so I don't make a pest of myself.

(not that this is even remotely possible... we are family, right?)

1. Share your itinerary - let your hosts know if you have other plans - easy one to follow since I have no itinerary and no plans. BUT I don't want to be one of those, "I don't know... you choose" kind of guests so I need to come up with something... and it has to be something that can be done in the rain... because this IS Portland we're talking about here...

2. Bring a gift / leave a note - this is an easy one since gifts for the kiddies, especially my new little mini-me, are easy peasy and I know any 4 month old would be pleased as punch to wear (ie gnaw on) a cork necklace, right?

3. Buy a meal - well, I guess if my sister is going to cart me around for 4 days, she can at least get a hot meal out of it, or a warm meal or at least a cold Dr. Pepper - let's see where she takes me ....

4. Never use the soap/razor/washcloth/loofah that's in the shower - that would be gross AND rude (shampoo and toothpaste are possible sharesies though). Also carry your toiletries to and from the bathroom- nothing says "Diva" like a complete bathroom sink takeover. And don't drape damp towels over the antique highboy (not that my sister has an antique highboy, but she HAS been buying alot of stuff lately at garage sales and off Craig's List so I have to be careful).

5. Make your bed- now I have to admit that most days hubby makes the bed around here (most days he also sleeps WAY later than I do) and making is really just kind of straightening so this is also a no-brainer and strip (the bed, that is) before leaving on that final morning.

6. No noisy sex - well, since I am traveling alone this would be a little hard to do and a little sad if I attempted it, but if you are traveling with Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong it is still a no-no in my book.

(and by MY BOOK I mean the etiquette book I am now thinking I should be writing since I am really, really good at this stuff)

So, what else am I missing, does anyone have any other good houseguest tips to share?

1. Sherry Truitt - Custom Destination Vintage Map Necklace (super houseguest gift I think)
2. GetReadySetGo - Upcycled Luggage (except this little elephant bag is mine - get your own)
3. JJill - Dress (I have this in every color they offer and it is perfection- it can be worn over tights, jeans or as a dress- total versatility with this one)
4. NectarJewelry- one of her new Polymer Pendants, total awesomeness
5. StrikeBooks - Pink Paper Journal - nothing screams 'my sister' like pink, believe me
6. SpaGoddess - Travel Size Scrubs - pure bliss in little jars


Kolleen said...

love it...i think you have all your bases covered!!! but the most important thing is to ENJOY your time together!!! :)

Sherry said...

Thanks for including my maps in the illustration of your post, Cat.
I'm sure you will be the perfect house guest and I'm sure your sister can't wait to see you. How exciting to have a solo adventure!

noblegnome said...

This really cracked my up. I will show your list to my mom's new husband when they show up in July. Last year was a disaster with him barging in to our bedroom at 5am, wanting to take the dog for a walk!
I hope you will have a really great trip, but then again, with a GRSGO bag like that how can it not be.

kella said...

wish i could be there... have fun and love that luggage : )

Lory said...

Great post! I enjoyed reading it. When ya gonna start on that book? ;-)

Have fun and carry an umbrella!

Jane Pierce aka zJayne said...

I'm thinking about printing and posting this Manor Minding in my guest room! Come visit wouldja! Ha!

Enjoy yourself - stay in the moment!
and . . .
You Rock!

Amanda Fall - Sprout editor said...

This post is hilarious, and mandatory reading for me should I ever become a houseguest again (a rare occasion for me, since one would have to leave home to because a guest in someone ELSE's home).

I've loved your Polarity shop for some time, but I have to tell you how much I'm enamored with your artist collaboration series. Such a cool idea, and a wonderful way to extend your awesome product to other artists.

Sleepandhersisters said...

Loved your list!!! Time alone is just so wonderful... I am getting some soon and I can't wait!!! as much as I love my family I love being by myself too... Have a great time.

am glad I discovered your blog.

Anonymous said...