A Krylon Crystal Clear Gloss Nightmare

I never buy anything anymore without thinking about what I am going to do with the package after I have used the product.

In my work I also have to think about that little bit of glue or glaze left in the bottom of the plastic container and is my can of Krylon gloss really empty. I wish I didn't need to work with this stuff, but for now I do and I need to know how to dispose of the leftover product and packaging responsibly.

My hazardous waste disposal site requires a phone call and an appointment.

You pull your car into this little garage-thingie and you do not leave your car, in fact if you try to get out of your car, the hazardous waste guys will bark at you to, "STAY IN YOUR CAR". It feels like one of those end of the world movies where they think you are infected and you are trapped with the guys in the hazmat suits.

hazardous waste guy - "this can is empty - you do not have to bring in empty aerosol cans"

me - "how do I really know this can is empty. what if some toxic chemicals are clinging to the can's belly just waiting to run amok all over the recycling plant"

hazardous waste guy - *presses spray nozzle* nothing happens "this can is empty"

me - "is there some kind of gizmo that you can use to make sure because I really don't want this can to explode or leak or cause any damage - other than to my own respiratory and central nervous system, of course"

hazardous waste guy - *crickets*

guy in car behind me - "COME ON!", "LET'S GO!" (there is probably a middle finger being used in this tirade, but I don't turn around to check)

hazardous waste guy - *hands me can*

So... I head down to the recycling drop off center and start asking those guys (this is mostly a community service run outfit - get a DWI or want to get some points shaved off your driving record and this is where you will end up) who tell me if I am worried about recycling it, just to throw the empty can away (throw the potentially acetone, butane and propane contaminated can away!).

I take my cans (yes, I actually have about 20 "empty" cans to dispose of, but I thought it would make a better story to kind of picture me driving around with just that one can) back home and call the place where the recycling actually ends up and talk to them. They assure me I can recycle the cans if nothing comes out when the nozzle is pressed (good news). They also fax me some recycling info that I find a bit troubling, but more on that some other day.

So, I go back to the recycling drop off center with my cans promising myself that I will find a solution to Krylon crystal clear gloss. Maybe the guys on Etsy who are turning them into lamps would take them off my hands ...

1. Krylon Spray Paint Lamp by BBlock
2. Spray Paint Can Coasters by JennerationFix
3. City Sculpture on a Krylon Aerosol Can by EastBayCalifornia
4. ScorpBlast Hoodie by Beta
5. Can Down by Dezignerd


Unknown said...

That is a great story. I often horde my cans for fear of what to do with them. The guy at our recycle center speaks in gruff which is hard for me to understand.

I thought about you the other day when my son (the same one who made the altered pin doll) came home with pockets full of corks. They were made of plastic and not actual cork. He ended up returning them to the neighbor. I assume you get your fill of corks...or do you?

lyptis said...

What a F*ckin ordeal!

That is just crazy, hope u can find an alternative!
And yeah, maybe u can give the cans to some people who make lamps or something out of them!

Those lamps are cool!

Hey, i just did an interview of ureshii, check it out if u want, its on my blog now!:)
All the Best to u!

Anonymous said...

I completely relate on this one. We have spent a lot of time trying to ensure that things around our home get disposed of properly. My sweetheart works with electronics, so that always makes things interesting. My question remains:

Why is it so hard to do the right thing?

Cheers to you for caring so much :)

K is for Calligraphy said...

This is one of the best darn blog posts I have read in a long time! Cheers to you for trying to make the world a cleaner place give the necessary evils of clear gloss spray cans. I have been know to go through 12 per month. I take the empties to a recycling center at a local college nearby. Perhaps Krylon will read your story and come up with a better solution! xo, Katy