Thank God It's Fabulosity Friday

Some more Friday total randomness to get your weekend started right!

The amazing blouses by Gaby Basora for Tucker, raising plants right (yes, time to get your greenery off the video games and into a good book),

the stunning jewelry of The Beside, JHillDesigns bold and beautiful animal cards, a birdhouse built to look like a security camera (or is it a security camera built to look like a birdhouse, I forget),

Color Me Katie's
flipping brilliant shadow installation art around Brooklyn is totally inspiring my daughter and I to try a little installation art of our own (check back this weekend for pics), awesome teepee livingroom, the amazing textiles of Karen Barbe and the incredibly whimsical world of Katherine Quinn of Sleep and her Sisters AND she has a locket!


Wasted Wishes said...

Oh, I love those book planters! Great inspiration here...

Kate8085 said...

Why am I always stuck on your blog for like an hour? Too much goodness and link clicking, it rules.

The birdhouse is genius, as long as it was on the other side of the yard..birds..eek!

Miss fabulous in her red hat and floral shirt is my hero.

There are wigwams a half n' hour from us that you can stay in overnight, but I would much rather camp out in that living room teepee.

The shadows around Brooklyn are an amazing idea and put a smile on this usually cynical gal's face..

I need to stop. As usual, awesome post and finds!!