Some Hump Day Honey from NotCot

These hump day goodies come to us courtesy of the amazing uploaders at I was once lucky enough to have a cork necklace featured on their site and it definitely got me some attention. I don't know who uploaded me- but if you are reading this- Thank You!

I have submitted quite a few links to them and gotten a few cool finds on there. So here's a few goodies from their first few pages:

Mixing glass to light, Belgrade Aleksandra Stratimirovic work is midway between mosaic and stained glass and made from thousands of medical vials filled with colored liquids.

Build your own fiberglass chair at Modernica.

Clothespins become clothespens- modern version of the geeky bic and a pocket protector.

Animal tattoos for your hands - how flippin' adorable are these?

Dennis Belenko teak teabag press for any size glass or mug

Nate Page Beautiful Decay series- we love those celeb pics without make-up, right?

George Petty's wonderful 40's pin-up girls.

A clever Lego rolling cookie cutter.

Simply pretty's Pretty Pretty bird cookies look amazingly yummy- can you tell I'm hungry?

Urban Outfitters brings back a few Polaroid camera sets- there is an entire Polaroid movement afoot!

Swedish Hasbeens pure awesomesness for fall.

Recycled crate shelving - why aren't we all painting our crates?


frenchie said...

i'm very intrigued by the teak tea does it work? anybody?

Catherine Ivins said...

should say teabag press- you pull the string on the teabag through the top hole and the teabag gets squeezed underneath?

Sherry said...

you surf a way cooler net than I do. thanks for the picks!