Thankful Thursday or I did not really cause Katrina... really

I am starting to like these thankful Thursdays now and feeling like a much better person

(glass half full, remember)

than the one who whined all the time.

And I have alot to be thankful for this week .

Gratitude 1: This amazing giveaway over on Lory's The Sunshine Studio blog where you can win your choice of one of my Polarity lockets

so hop over there and get yourself entered!

Gratitude 2: Polarity's soft launch on Uncommon Goods website

yup, THAT Uncommon Goods (and if you are asking what a soft launch is, I am not exactly sure, but it sounds..well... soft and kind of launchy)

I was totally going to do a big announcement for this in January - when I thought we would be making our debut, but somehow we are on their website now and I am a bit speechless...

well, not exactly (have been howling at the moon a bit over this actually)

I love Uncommon Goods and this is very exciting for me and 3 of the Polarity locket artists - Holly Ward Bimba (Gollybard), Jessica Doyle and Christy Zaragoza (Peppermint Daydreams) and I will chat more on this later when the Valentine's Day catalog comes out and yes, this is my first catalog, ever!

Gratitude 3: I am very thankful that I found my missing keys (that have been missing for almost a week)

at the bottom of my pocketbook

the pocketbook that I use everyday and had checked a few times - well, at least I thought I had checked it a few times, I mean who loses their keys and doesn't check their pocketbook, right?

Gratitude 4: I broke a major OCD habit today

well, maybe not so major because I have alot of them, but I had my little bag of peanut M&M's

(well ... actually a HUGE bag, why is everything else getting smaller while these damn bags of peanut M&Ms are getting super sized)

and instead of eating the colors in alphabetical- well, red first and then alphabetical order, I just ate them out of the bag, one by one, distractedly, without thinking about the color

I stared at the empty bag with shock and awe when I realized what I had done and then knocked on some wood that I hadn't just caused a major disaster somewhere in the world

(like Katrina- don't even ask me what I forgot to do that day)

Gratitude 5 - The security camera in our local video store is totally broken.

(now I had nothing to do with the actual breakage, but am happy that someone else out there had just had enough of this already, too)

I mean, have you ever seen yourself on a store security camera?

It is horrifying. You totally think you are having a good (looking) day and and then you see yourself on one of those, and you're like, "oh my God look at that sloth coming into the st-- wait, that's me."

then you feel like crap

or maybe that only happens to me.

Oh, and I am totally grateful that the customer who ordered the Mad Scientist cork necklace and discovered that I had reversed the last 2 letters of the word scientist, which kind of changes the meaning a bit if you see what I mean, was kind enough to tell me about it and not tell everyone else by putting it in my public feedback - of course I told her I would fix this problem immediately, but couldn't resist telling her that as far as the problem piece goes - I wantit back.


M.M.E. said...

Congratulations! I hadn't heard of uncommon goods before but I love their site now. Also, about the necklace...I think your subconscious was having a laugh that day.

Jean said...

Thankful Thursday... I love tit!!

Congrats on the new shop and catalog. I need to go check out uncommon goods...

TesoriTrovati said...

Woohoo! Uncommon Goods! That is like...well, amazing! But not surprising because what you do is so unique and wonderful. Thanks for sharing all this beauty today. Well deserved kudos.
Enjoy the day!

Wild Woman Jewelry said...

cat...this is always such a treat and a lighthearted look at life! thanks so much and a big CONGRATS on your successes - you deserve them!

Anonymous said...

I am Thankful that you posted a Grateful Dead Poster on your blog which made me think you are a whole lot cooooler than i thought and now your christmas present just got a whole lot better and I may even knit you a sweater of bake you a pie.

Rock N Roll Cat.

sincerely CJM....

Bling Girl said...

wow! uncommon good huh?! thats fantastic, i love that catalog and have often though "hey ive seen stuff like that on etsy, i wonder if its from the same person" now i know that it probably is lol

Artsnark said...

very cool

kim said...

Wow! That is absolutely amazing Cat! I have loved shopping at Uncommon Goods for many years. You are on your way to even more success girlfriend!!!!!!!!!

Jill said...

My gosh, but do you have a way with words, Cat.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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