Recycled Christmas Countdown or baby got book

This is part 5 of my weekly series on some recycled and repurposed Christmas gift ideas- things that are easy enough to make fairly quickly, but still look like you put the proper time and thought into them.

I love little knobs and hangers and hooks and doodads and pick them up at garage sales and Anthropologie's sales racks whenever I have the chance- not knowing what I am ever going to do with them.

They make great little hanging racks but attached to a piece of wood they are just so 'been there, done that'. Attached to a book they make an amazing, recycled little hanging rack!

1. Gather your supplies: books that you don't mind drilling holes in- I know this is going to hurt all you bibliophiles, but sometimes art hurts folks (the books should be the same thickness as the length of the screw attached to your drawer pull unless you have some heavy duty wire cutters like I do), your doodads and sawtooth hangers

2. Mark the spot(s) where you want your hooks.

3. Drill your holes - note- when I drilled the very thick Harry Potter book, I smelled smoke and thought I had started a fire, so maybe thinner books are best or that could be just a little of the Potter magic leaking out

4. Clean the drill area flush with a razor blade

5. Add your drawer pulls with washer and bolt on back

6. Add your sawtooth hanger with a hammer
Some simple wrap (Target giant lunch bag - just how big have our lunches gotten I'd like to know- run through an inkjet) completes the gift!


Anonymous said...

Baby Got Books !!! HA.
produced by Sir Reads Alot !!!

Nice work


K is for Calligraphy said...

and I am so happy I saw this recycled gift idea. in sept. i rescued a whole car load of books that were destined for the landfill. thank you for this one!

happy RE-CRAFTING Days!
xo, Katy

ps. congrats on the future catalog awesomeness!

Unni Strand said...

They look great! I would love it if someone gave me something like that for Christmas!

M.M.E. said...

Yes, I'm a bibliophile and this might hurt me, but I'd love to decorate my future house with books.

Maiden Jane said...

Thanks! This would be wonderful for my 16 yo daughter's room - she loves book - the trick would be getting the right one (and not stealing any of hers)

myan said...

what a super cool idea!
it would hurt so much to drill holes in my books but it would be worth it for such cute decor and awesome xmas gifts! :)

Artsnark said...

cute idea!

Ladytink_534 said...

I couldn't do this to a book but I wouldn't mind buying them for some strange reason lol.

Ngan {eNVe Designs} said...

I love this one! I've always wanted an excuse to buy all those funky fun knobs, but never had one until now. Thanks, Cat!