Friday Finds - Some Etsy Goodness to get your weekend started


1. squirrellicious fish pouch
2. better than jam dress
3. lemkab leather necklaces
4. polaroid camera drawing by cb78
5. tovie corrie cuff
6. peace 4 you upcycled satchel
7. celentano woodworks avocado guitar
8. english dept giselle dress
9. print by holli
10. rini and faith headband
11. vintage sign from hindsvik
12. eight seasons wristlet
13. amy miwen custom painted vans
14. jane mount painting of your bookshelf

Another weekly stack by the amazing stacker and photog Kella MacPhee.


Sherry said...

hmmm, I think I need that flea market sign for my attic. I love he picks today!


Sherry said...

he= the, or does it?

Stay Tuned said...

Yeah, the flea market sign is fun! Are you posting stuff at 4am??? is that you staying up, or getting up early to start your day? WOW! Great stuff. laura xxoo

Catherine Ivins said...

I think all "serious" artists are up at 4am Laura (actually that is just a good time for me to be out and about stealing car parts and things from the neighborhood) - or maybe it was 7am and I couldn't remember if my blog was PST or EST ...

xo- Cat :)

Courtney said...

Wow wow! What an amazing collection. I specifically have my eye on that upcycled satchel. It is beautiful!

Sandra said...

I love Etsy favorite posts!! Introduces me to some great shops. :)

I am loving the upcycled satchel. :)