Take Ten Tuesday - Great Links for Craft Fair Tips and Tricks for Your Crafty Biz!

If the spring and summer plans for your crafty business include a craft show or two here are some great links you don't want to miss:

1. My own post on Selling the Benefits of Your Work

2. Indie Craft Shows Beginners Guide to Craft Shows

3. Booth Layout at a Craft Show from the Craft Report

4. Craft Show Applications Unraveled from the Etsy blog the Storque

5. Craft Fair Tips from the Etsy blog the Storque

6. Craft Show Checklist (what to bring) from Badskirt

7. Craft Show Display pics on Flickr

8. 119 Places to Find a Craft Show by Sunshine Glassworks

List of craft shows from Sunshine Artist

Indie Craft Fair Guide

9. Great Tips from Indie Craft Shows

10. More tips from Craft Show Tips

(Picture of Petit Collage's amazing display at Renegade)


Maiden Jane said...

Thank you so much! I'm thinking of doing a show with my 13 yo daughter this summer.

Catherine Ivins said...

Good luck with it Jane!

Julia said...

Great post of information that every artist doing a fair/fest should know.

limonada said...

Very useful info!
I myself am a craft fair addict :)

My two cents about this is: don't forget to have fun!

Catherine Ivins said...

Yes, Ana - fun is the most important part and not putting too much into just one show- that all of your eggs in one basket thing (that's usually when it will rain)!

xo- Cat :)

Unni Strand said...

Great and selection of useful tips! Thank you, Cat!

gina said...

Awesome post! I am doing my first show in a few weks and have some ideas, but am always open to reading anything new.

3 squares said...

who needs google? i find everything i need right here. man, that sounded kiss a@@, didn't it?

what i meant to say is, thanks for the tips!