Whining Wednesday - a few things that are freaking me out this week

I know I decided to turn Whining Wednesdays into No Whining on Wednesdays and I have been good for the last few weeks, but every now and then we all need to whine

(just a little)

freak out #1) Hubby reading in the bathroom. This really, really bugs me. And I haven't blogged about him in a long time

(at least a week)

but this has gotten so out of control.

I am constantly finding strange things in the bathroom - like flashlights and drill bits and unopened mail

(I know this has nothing to do with reading, but these things freak me out, too)

and I am totally yucked out when I find a book in the bathroom. I mean, is it just me, or should nothing be in the bathroom that doesn't belong there.

this is how it starts folks -------->

Soon George will be taking the book into the restroom at the library before bringing it home so he can test it out; see how it feels on his lap, how well it rests on the back of the toilet tank, etc.

This so freaks me out

(of course, this does not apply to bathtubs or parents escaping their children- both valid "book in the bathroom" scenarios)

freak out #2) Amazon - Remember when Amazon was the internet's go to place for books, music, and movies?

Then they somehow collaborated with every other website ever created and now you can also purchase wholesale servings of organic juice drinks, a dog sled, a 200 pound drillpress, my own cemetery plot under a shady tree in Nevada and frankly, I don't like seeing those items as suggested purchases next to my shopping cart with my Snowdogs II Anniversary Edition DVD in there.

(Olive claims to be a big fan of Cuba Gooding, Jr although I suspect she has a little crush on snowdog number one)

freak out #3) That Tiger Woods talking listening to his dad Nike ad (ala Hamlet?). I have read this advertising called brilliant branding. I am just calling it C-R-E-E-P-Y.

(remember when Nike had that great ad with all the little girl babies throwing off their pink nursery caps- what the hell has happened to them?)

freak out #4)
- An 11 year old girl super hero (YAY), but wait a minute, an 11 year old girl super hero who uses the "c" word (not so YAY) - I don't think I am a prude

(in fact some of the reviewers of this movie want me to feel like a prude for objecting, but I object anyway)

if women let this word become acceptable and part of normal conversation I resign from my race, really truly .... let's boycott this movie - I'm not even going to say its name.

freak out #5) SEO - I have immersed myself in this stuff over the past few days, so I can pass all the wisdom I have accumulated on to you guys next week

(and maybe sell a few things)

"So is it all about the Benjamins, baby?" you may be asking yourself

(because in my head you all talk like P. Diddy)

and yes, it kind of is, actually....

and speaking of immersing myself (freak out #6) I did take a break this morning from my SEO education to liberally baste my face with some new organic skin care products, because I think this is something I need to start thinking about and because I really don't want to be able to use the folds of my face as a coin purse anytime soon.

I realize someday this is going to happen and I will probably be happy to have the extra storage space, but for now I still have a couple empty shelves in my pantry...

Now here's where I insert the disclaimer that I have been advised by my sister (who moved to Portland, Oregon a few years ago) that people on the west coast consider "freaking" a bad word, as if it were the real "f" word (and yes, I think the "c" word is way worse than the "f" word) that we use all the time here on the east coast and no one bats an eyelash.

She claims that when she says "freaking" to people they look at her as if she said something really bad, so she has stopped saying it.

(she is back to using the real "f" word and giving them the finger)

So, if you are a west coaster and this word is like fingernails on a chalkboard to you, I freaking apologize, sincerely. And if you are a west coaster and think my sister is freaking crazy let me know that, too (I think she is actually saying frigging, which is gross actually).

1. Calming and Clarifying Facial Cream by DressGreen
2. Reading photography by A Life Through the Lens
3. Freak Out and Throw Stuff notebook by Earmark
4. Eager Husky print by ToxicGuineaPigs
5. Toilet Paper on your Neck by LiciaBeads


Unni Strand said...

Thank you for doing the whining for me! I think I had something to whine about this morning, but it has slipped my mind. What ever it was...

Monica said...

Thanks for making me laugh!

I don't know this movie you're talking about, but seeing as I very rarely go to movies it's pretty safe to say I won't be seeing it anyway.

Kendra Zvonik said...

I'm born and raised west coast. Specifically, I was born in and lived in Portland for many years as an adult, but raised in WA near Seattle. I also swear like a truck driver and obviously nobody anywhere approves of that. But it can't be FREAKING helped!
In my new experience as an east coaster, west coasters are just a bit more pc in general and less apt to express themselves as directly or openly as east coasters. Especially in WA state, people are a bit more stoic than here in FL. But, I don't remember that people were offended by the word freaking. They are more likely to be offended by anyone loudly expressing themselves in public. Although, Portland is a hip town now and most people I know there aren't even from there, like I am. So, I'm guessing the reaction is more about attitude than word usage.
I'm with you about the C word even though I have no clue what movie you are talking about.
Cat, I like it when you "whine" on Weds. I actually feel relieved to hear it and experience most of these things too. Like the husband taking things into the bathroom- men are weird! A flashlight??!! HUH?!
My husband doesn't take things into the bathroom because I give him designated books to read in there. But, he likes to bring home all sorts of screws, nails, fasteners from his job, loaded in his pockets. He then proceeds to scatter these piles all over the house. Hardware demon. I try to corral him and give him specific spots to put his piles, but he's determined to "decorate" my house with hardware. UGH!
I have a SYSTEM. My man does not observe the SYSTEM. If only he did, it would be a perfect world. But, he insists on doing things his own random, unorganized way. hahaha Gotta love him!
Have a great week, Cat! Thanks for letting me have this chance to unload with you :)
xo kendra

EG said...

1. You're the only person who doesn't read in the bathroom. That's why God invented magazines.
2. I don't know what that movie is either, so I'll join your boycott.
3. My husband says "frickin'" all the time and it drives me crazy.

Catherine Ivins said...

EG- OK- I will agree to reading in the bathroom if the magazine (or book, maybe) NEVER leaves the bathroom- because then it spreads the cooties around (maybe my OCD is kicking in here!)- ack! and yes, frickin joins frigging and the "c" word to the list of things we hate!

xo- Cat :)

Katie (Lemon Jitters) said...

oh my goodness,you're funny! I'm with EG on the bathroom reading - I thought everyone did that? And why not bring things in the bathroom if you're going to be there for awhile? :) Most ppl take their Iphones in there or I know a lot of ppl that take their laptop (I'm one of those). That way you don't have to stop what you're doing to go to the restroom. Maybe I'm spilling too much info here.... ;)

Catherine Ivins said...

Iphones, laptops, OMG lemonjitters how long are you in the bathroom? I must be faster than you guys (not that this is a bathroom race- but if it were I would totally win)- hehe

xo- Cat :)
love your plaid necklace btw

Unni Strand said...

By the way, -what's the c-word?

Sherry said...

Well, my friend, you can certainly cram a lot of living in one post.
Zorro (who should meet Olive one day) has taken to sitting on the bathroom rug when I am out. I'm not sure if he reads or not. But, like you any book or mag in my bathroom NEVER goes back to the rest of the house!


ps: whine, like wine is good for the soul.

kimberj said...

I am soooo with you on the "c" word. I just don't really care about the rest and the f-bomb pops out often enough (probably too often but the kids are grown) but the c word denigrates all that is good and right about being a woman. It reduces us to a used piece of toidy paper, blahhhhh-arghhhhhh- silent scream! Thanks for letting me vent :)

Catherine Ivins said...

Unni- the "c" word is the most degrading word for a part of the female anatomy- I am glad no such word exists in Norway (we all may be moving there!)- Sherry- Assuming Zorro is a male, he may be sneaking in issues of DogFancy when ou are not around and KimberJ-you are so so my new besty, too!

xo- Cat :)

i am pam said...

I own that shirt! love it!

K is for Calligraphy said...

I am a West Coast native who thinks the use of "freaking" is A-Okay! The use of "friggin" not as cool. Perhaps it is the Oregonians who "freaking crazy". They don't have to pay sales tax so they don't have as much to "freak" out about!

I am all for boycotting the "unnamed" movie.

Didn't G. Castanza get arrested for reading that book in the book store bathroom? And when he tried to donate it to the Goodwill they refused since it was flagged as being in the bathroom? :D

SEO SEO SEO is freaking wrong!

Lastly, I have never ever considered Amazon a great and almighty online shopping venue. And I agree, Amazon has become an virtual landfill.

Waving to Kendra! Thank you for the good whines Cat!
xo, Katy

gina said...

Ha! I buy everything on Amazon (or Etsy) and love it!

Every so often, I feel the need to write a blog post in which I bitch about my job...whining is good here and there!

canngil said...

just wait till you have to put something in the bathroom to be sure that they DO read it!!
Take Care!

limonada said...

ahahahah you're too funny!
Does your hubby reads your blog? Just wondering, ihihihhi
I actually freak out about some of the stuff you mention too :)

Catherine Ivins said...

Ana- he sneaks a peak at my blog now and then, but basically avoids it... thank goodness....


Caroline said...

Loved the whining!
I did last week, and whew! What a back lash, didn't post most of the comments! LOL! So right on with your post!
Rock on sister!