No Whining on Wednesday but maybe a status update since I'm sure you've been wondering

My latest projects - I've been working on new linesheets and a series of new mini lockets,

but more importantly I am currently on Day 4 of my Crest white strips program.

I'm not sure there's any actual whitening going on, except for about 30 seconds immediately following their removal (maybe) and I think they are making my teeth more sensitive.

This sensitivity might be how they actually work. Maybe after a week of not eating or drinking, people are too disgusted by your prominent ribcage and distended abdomen to notice your coffee-stained teeth.

(I'll stick with it though because I am not a quitter, dammit)

This is reminding me that there is a kiosk in my local mall with tooth whitening where a girl in a dentist-like lab coat,

(that just screams medical professional, I think she also sells the $200.00 ionic hair curlers)

does something to you that resembles some kind of dental torture while strangers stare and point and laugh,

(not that this has happened to me)

because I do my tooth whitening at home, like a normal person who has spent way too much time with coffee on her teeth.

My latest injury - I tumbled off the front steps while hanging a hummingbird feeder and smashed my kneecap onto a cement birdbath. I then broke the world record for cursing out hummingbirds with 20 curse words in 20 seconds

(Ripley's is coming out next week; I think the hummingbirds are planning a protest)

What I'm reading - I am on a Swedish detective kick, brought on by The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series. I ran through that author too quickly and moved on to Henning Mankell.

(I am more convinced than ever that I should be doing detective work in Sweden; I think they need me, plus I want to learn how to pronounce all these consonent clusters)

What I'm listening to - Hubby snore and Olive "dream chase" a squirrel while I eagerly await my new Macy Gray, expected on my door step next week

What I'm watching - Life on the Discovery channel but somehow Oprah's voice is ruining it for me- I miss Sigourney ...

I was planning a post for today on pricing our work and will pop one out soon, but the weather was just too nice for me to settle down with something serious- I write my weekly posts on Sundays and it is just too gorgeous here to work today! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

1. Nobody cares about your status updates tee by herrohachi
2. Fingerprint men's tee by nonfictiontees
3. Smile pretty print by thelittleprints
4. Imprintme silver fingerprint necklace by AliBaliJewellery
5. Sherlock Holmes paperweight by Ephemeralogie
6. Hummingbird TTV photo by theeye


Sherry said...

Oh, no, not your knee. Treat it kindly, I can still feel my injury. I'm wondering whose porch we should rock on while whining and sipping iced tea?


Viktoria said...

If you are through with Mankell you can try Kommissar Beck..Great Serie from Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö..

Heather said...

I feel the SAME way about LIFE (even though that show is fantastic). I too miss Sigourney. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Okay, ladies, Sigourney is not who you should be missing, either! The series were developed and originally narrated by David Attenborough, and any voice other than his is a crime.

And the hummingbird photo is gorgeous.

Catherine Ivins said...

Viktoria- thank you so much for the names! I am almost through Mankell!

xo- Cta :)

Catherine Ivins said...

Attenborough, eh? I cannot be objective here because I have seen Aliens 2 about 100 times!

xo- Cat :)

M.M.E. said...

I tried those teeth whitening strips and they totally stripped away all of the fluoride the dentist had just put on a partly exposed root of my tooth. Crap! Since then I've been addicted to Sensodyne toothpaste and Listerine pro-enamel. I wish you better luck though! And yes, don't go to that lab coat lady.

Tonya said...

I could not agree with you more - on both the teeth whitening experience (however I am a quitter in that regard) and Oprah narration. I don't mind her usually, but don't like her to tell me about tadpoles apparently.