Take 10 Tuesday - maybe money really does grow on trees and we just have to reach up and pick it

OK - for this week's take ten let's talk moula (moola?, moulah?)

(that's cold, hard cash for anyone not living in New Jersey)

because as the crafty community's discussion of free

(as in giving stuff - mostly your time - away to build an audience who will later buy from you or attract others who will later buy from you, without devaluing what it is that you are actually "selling")

organically grows into a discussion of pricing and value there is alot of good information out there:

1. Tara from ScoutieGirl's amazing post L-Earning my Worth over at Daily Worth.

2. The 3 P's of Pricing over at Productive Flourishing

3. The Design Sponge ladies on How to Price Your Work

4. Price Points for Handmade Crafts at the Craft Report

5. In an Abundant World, Scarcity is Opportunity by Sister Diane of Craftypod over at CraftMBA

6. Pricing Design Work at Smashing Magazine

7. Professional Pricing for Crafts People and Designers by Simone Walsh

8. Pricing Your Work at Creative Choices

9. Brenda, of Phydeaux Designs post on Pricing for Wholesale at PaperNStitch

10. Pricing Work Based on Value at Freeland Switch

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