Friday Finds - Father's Day Goodies!


1. abercrombie & kent extreme adventures
2. streamline fly fishing kit
3. buckyballs magnetic building spheres
4. into thin air
5. best made co. pocket ax
6. leatherman juice tool
7. RC desktop forklift
8. fossil watch
9. sperry top siders
10. xenotees father's day t-shirt set

Another weekly stack of goodies brought to us by photographer and extreme stacker of all things stackable Kella MacPhee


Sherry said...

oh, I wish my son were still little, I love the Xenotees tees.


Xenotees said...

What an awesome stack to be in! Thank you Kella! I can vouch for the Leatherman being one of the best gifts ever, but I think I personally need that pocket ax.

Thanks Sherry Truitt :D