Blogs and Regularity (wow- that sounds really gross)

So, it seems like only yesterday I had a very regularly blogged blog with a Monday giveaway, a Tuesday something or other, a Wednesday Whine, a Thursday something or other

(t's are hard, dammit)

and a Friday Finds.

I was even going to start a new blog with a great online friend until we both burned out at exactly the same moment

because enthusiasm is a fickle bastard ...

(he will love you and leave you and then demand palimony - he will probably even take the toaster and the cool glasses your mom gave you)

And, of course since I am a maker with a making business that I need to make money with

(to buy new glasses)

I always have to be ready to put my blog aside to make things and focus on the people who pay me.

So where this all leaves my blog, I just do not know. I think I need to get back to the reasons I started this blog in the first place; my intention for this thing to talk about myself - to connect with people.

For now I am going to bring back the giveaways (a nice one starting Monday with my girl Xenotees) - hopefully run some upcycled tutorial gifts for the holidays - finish my work smarter series - I have a wholesale series coming up at some point that is mostly written - and keep everyone updated on this pup's activities.

For example we are headed out to Home Depot today to get a new light switch that I broke with the vacuum cleaner handle the other day.

(and yes, I feel a little braggie mentioning this because I realize it not only shows the awesome strength that I put into my housework, but also that I actually vacuumed this week ... and the floor wasn't even crunchy yet)

So, anyhoo, hopefully I will get Mr. Enthusiasm back and keep this baby going and of course for the regularity thing there is always Mr. Metamucil.

(and please forgive me if I don't actually follow through on any of these things - just assume if I'm not here that I am busy making gazillions of dollars making things or maybe I am just lying on the couch watching the Food Network)


Claire said...

My friend Diane wrote a great post about the creative process and the pressure that we put on ourselves. Here it is:
It's ok to let things go even though sometimes that's hard to accept.

Artsnark said...

I am so with you on this. That darned life stuff really gets in the way of blogging doesn't it?

My blog schedule has tumbled into shambles since the start of summer & I'm trying to get it together. Speaking of which do I still owe you a drawing? Sorry, that slid of the radar till now....

Good luck with your "ehem" irregularity.

Orion Designs said...

I remember the good old days when I blogged It was not that long ago. Why did I think I needed to do that? And why did I think people wanted to know that much about my daily life?

So, I can completely relate to your post. And vacuuming? Fuggedaboutit.

Unknown said...

I know exactly how you feel. I struggle to get one blog written a week.

I do enjoy reading your blog Cat, so don't give it up. Ok?

Brenda said...

We should talk, Cat! I've been working my way through this very thing for the last few months. Email me if you'd like to chat! brenda at phydeauxdesigns dot com. :)

Carapace said...

I know so many people who fell off the blogwagon this summer! And I think my wagon caught fire. Now I'm trying to have posts up ahead of time, for the same reason you said- a chance to connect with people, and to share some ideas with my friends. It's the best reason of all, really!

Also, love your buttons. A big deal on my blog, indeed!