Tutorial Tuesday - upcycled cork clocks - time around the world

I have a bit of a clock and time obsession and have always wanted a string of clocks on my wall to tell me the time in different places around the world.

A few years ago I bought some black plastic clocks from the end cap sale bins at Target, but the loud tick-tocks drove me bonkers and I eventually gave them away.

The clock kits you can buy at craft stores are alot quieter and the cork helps muffles the sound. I've had these cork plant trivet/coasters that have been itching for another use - so time to make some clocks!

For this little project you will need:

a drill
3 cork plant trivets (Ikea)
3 metal house numbers
thumb tacks
3 sets of clock hardware

1. Measure for the middle of your cork circles and mark your holes
2. Drill holes
3. Add clock hardware (easy peasy, but this stuff is very delicate so be gentle)
4. Thumbtack on your numbers and names

Or you can buy something really cool on Etsy like one of these amazing clocks by:

1. andfurthermore 2. decoylab 3. tecoart 4. imotime 5. oryxandcrakedesign 6. giftedpapers


Jingle said...

These are so cool! I love them!

Catherine Ivins said...

thanks Jingle!!