Wordless Wednesday but with actual words

... so anyhoo, I had nothing to report today and was thinking I would go wordless again when I picked up my local newspaper and was so excited to see my favorite seasonal section Community Education Programs - these are little evening workshops where you can learn some amazing life skills and I try to take one every once in a while:
Searching the Internet for Seniors (Ages 50+) - now I don't know why you would want to search the internet for seniors, but live and let live, I always say (and uh, if 50 is a senior that would make people seniors for about 1/3 of their lives)

Getting Paid for Caring for Your Loved Ones - CHECK - SIGN ME UP FOR THIS ONE

Seeing Your Past Lives
- although I am pretty sure I was Cleopatra, Marie Curie and Amelia Earhardt (wait, I think they were alive at the same time), there is a very slight chance I was actually a bag lady or bucket lady or some other type of homeless drifter carrying precious piles of junk from town to town - or maybe this is my future I am seeing

The Lipstick, The Handshake and The Wardrobe
- this one scares me

Ukulele Workshop - .... hmmm ....

Harmonica Workshop - .... hmmm ....

Dog Massage and Energy Workshop - CHECK - wait, I didn't check this one, it looks like Olive has been reading the paper before me again - I already have her signed up for a little beagle bed bug sniffing training, so she can start paying for these expensive little Caesar dinners she has become obsessed with

Embraced by Angels ("The Crossing Over Workshop") - uh, not quite ready to cross over just yet thank you very much

How to Explore a Cemetery - this is only something you would see in New Jersey where bodies are buried everywhere and yes, I will definitely be signing up for this one DOUBLE CHECK

Mother/Daughter French Hair Braiding - would have to drag my daughter kicking and screaming to this one- but maybe I can find a little replacement daughter for the afternoon- I did always want to learn how to create those gigantic polygamy sister braids, I think this might be next Tuesday's trend ...

I should mention the ukulele, dog training and french hair braiding are being taught by the same person and I totally need this kind of talent in my life and am hoping to be her new bff.


Julie Kirk said...

The Lipstick, the handshake and the wardrobe?? It sounds like some sort of Stepford Wife induction ceremony!

Great post! Really made me smile.


M.M.E. said...

Wow! I've never seen such amazing classes! My town always had pretty boring ones. No cemetery exploring or mother/daughter French braiding. Honestly, I think most daughters would be dragged to this.