New Work in Polarity Shop - and maybe I can gather enough loot from my sofa cushions to buy one of those snore stopper gizmos

I used to make button lids for my magnetic polarity lockets, but for some reason I haven't in a year or so. I recently made some special fun and funky bridesmaid pieces for a customer's wedding and decided to create a couple extras for my Polarity shop customers. I think they are super cute!

Hoping for good weather here to hit a flea market or two and also hoping to get a little sleep - hubby's snoring is really out of control right now; last night I ended up wedged between the sofa cushions like an errant cheeze-it

(not that there are cheeze-its in my sofa ... because Olive would eat them)

- it is not a good thing. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend and a good night's sleep!



Sherry Truitt said...

I love those button tops! My hubby snores too. Instead of shaking him, I now rub his back gently and he stops snoring for over 2 minutes at a time.

When you are digging in those cushions could you see if the "B" key from my laptop is there?


KJ said...

Those are cute. Good luck with your flea market shopping.

Viktoria said...

cute button tops!
Flea market for me too tomorrow,
....and I have to admit, I am the one who snores sometimes..
happy weekend!

Catherine Ivins said...

thanks all! - I usually shake my leg and he stops for a couple minutes- he used to be able to sleep on his left side and not snore, but even that doesn't work anymore ...

Unni Strand said...

Me too!
-Well, -flea market, not snoring. One of the top three markets of the year. I'm crossing my fingers. This trip will probably have an impact on next years' color range in my shop.